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Does anyone else find the more distressed aspects of older dolls to be fascinating?


Does anyone else find the more distressed aspects of older dolls to be fascinating? I'm talking about yellowed cello windows, permanently altered color-change features, and slightly more freaky phenomena, like altered vinyl....

During the early 2000s, I found some old Magic View Quasimodo dolls, and I bought two, intending to sell one of them later....ha ha....Deboxed him and gave him away to the thrift store later....but....

I almost got another one, which was in a box with a very yellowed window, because I was so fascinated by it, and I kept wondering what would happen if I purposely distressed the doll further!

Then again, none of this is surprising, considering the fact that when I was a kid, I'd wake up super early, tiptoeing out into the kitchen to see the state of any food that might have been left on any un-washed dishes. I was also the only 6th Grade girl to do a Science project on mold! 

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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Personally, I really like "used" dolls because they have a history, a story. A minty fresh doll always makes me a bit sad if it's a really old one, it means their whole existence they've never been played with. I find a certain satisfaction in taking in old broken damaged dolls and fixing them up, embracing their flaws and loving them. My favourite sindy dolls for instance aren't my absolutely mint ones, they're the ones with the chewed up legs, the missing fingers and so on.

well I do love a challenge, I like doing the clean ups and the makeovers I find it really exciting to do, you don't always get the doll fully restored to brand new and mint but the transformation part is exciting and interesting can the results be, I like to get them as good as I can, while at the same time I like receiving second hand dolls in mint or next to mint condition I never shy away from the more challenging dolls that need a lot of care, though I'm slow at doing so.


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