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I happen to like the dolls. Me and my friend both do. But does any one on here like them?

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I do, but this should be moved to the 'Everything Else' thread

Well ok which ones do you have.

I have ALL the dolls.  I think they are pretty cute.  My favorite is Alie, because of her light-up feature.  I didn't think I was going to like Mae, but she is probably my 2nd favorite, then Una and then Arie.  I like Nita too, but I HATE her outfit, but the POD is really awesome.

I am probly getting Arie next time when i go to wal mart cause shes my fav i love her hair. But I only have one which is Una Verse cause i got her from a friend for my birthday!

Pic of my Novi Stars dolls.  I didn't have Nita when I took this pic.  I have her now and need to take a new pic.

I like them but I don't have any of the dolls.

They're pretty cute.  I have Alie, Una, and Ari.  Not sure if I'll get Mae and Nita yet.

I love Novi Stars, but only own one doll; Una Verse.

I think they are really cute I've got the main four, haven't splurged on Nita yet.  I do wish they had more articulation points though.  I like the vlog they've got on the Novi Star youtube page too.  Ari always cracks me up with the things she says.

Me tinks they cute as hell, but me no buyin them. Me got too many MH dolls me hafta get.

I really like them, but I am waiting to buy them until after Thanksgiving. I hope they go on sale because my funds are not as much as I would like ;) My favorite is the blue one with the glitter-and-water-filled legs and my second favorite is the purple one with the neat helmet.

When I first saw these I thought it would be fun to say maybe they are in Monster Junior High (why not?)

I like  them. I think they are really cute I dont have any of them yet.


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