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Do you think they will rerelease the rest of the first wave dolls?

I'm considering buying a basic Ghoulia on eBay because she's pretty cheap! However I don't want to pay an inflated price for a lose doll if they're just going to rerelease them. What do you think?

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I think it's a fair chance they might get re-released, if they will be I'd think it'd be sometime during 2014 since we got the other three 2013. Personally I'm waiting for a re-release for a while longer, basic Ghoulia is one of my favourite (if not the favourite) dolls but I can't pay that much (shipping will almost always be very expensive for me aswell) Her price doesn't seem to be rising so I think it's safe to wait and see a while longer :) But in the end, if you really want her, the first wave one might be of better quality and look slightly different. 

I am also waiting on her and I am so glad they re-released the others.

More likely if they rerealse dolls again the next three will be Ghoulia, Lagoona and Toralei since they are the most in demand ghoul basics. I don't think they will make the boys again right away. Mattel likes to release new boys or boy dolls in new outfits rather then remaking the old ones.

I don't think it's something we should count on but it definitely wouldn't surprise me if they did re-release the rest of wave one. We'll see...


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