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Do you think Mattel will release a collector line of MH dolls for their 10th anniversary next year?

MH turns 10 in 2020

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I'm thinking no I think wild hearts crew are considered the new version of mh but you never know.

probably not, the only thing we'll get is a youtube video, it would be great to have MH dolls sold in stores again even if it's for one year but it's not likely to happen.

Id love a rerelease of the original 1st wave line up with new non glue heads, most of my original first waves are dripping with glue. >:(

It would be fantastic. My original Frankie is yellowing due to the glue seepage. Grrrr... I haven't treated Clawdeen yet but I have the feeling I will have a bad surprise. First wave Spectra and Ghoulia made in China are both glue free. I have 2 Ghoulia, one with glue one without.


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