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Hi guys, has anyone noticed Bratzillas? Do you like them? Any faults? And how would you compare them to Monster High?

Also Tesco does a Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD with nail polish of your own choice that is there.

Please leave your comments below.


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A huge THIS to AthenaPower, PerryNormal, and RaDioAcTiVe BuNNy.  I am beyond sick of all the whining brats (no pun intended) who are all, "Waaaaah, Bratz copied MH" or "Boo hoo, Novi Stars are MH wannabes"... for the umpteenth time, Bratzillaz are NOT copies of MH!  And I don't even get where people are making the comparisons between Novi Stars and MH.

If you want to talk copycats, those Mystixx Vampires dolls are definitely copying MH, and not only have they copied the MH body styles, but their box art is a ripoff of the 2010 Bratz.

Why is the huge THIS to us??? we are tired of the same thing..I have never said Bratz copied MH..ive said the opposite.

I think Faye means it as a good thing :) she means THIS means: YES!!! THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! but just shorter xD


As for the topic question.....

I love Bratzillaz...:) I seriously do! I've even written my own story about them xD I only have Yasmina so far though :)

PerryNormal said:

Why is the huge THIS to us??? we are tired of the same thing..I have never said Bratz copied MH..ive said the opposite.
Oh get it now...So sorry Faye Verdante!!

@Perry: Vaughan is right; I was just agreeing with the three of you that this drivel about Bratz "copying" MH is a load of you-know-what.  Apology accepted.  ^_^

Bratz aren`t coping MH at all Novi Star dolls aren`t coping them. I don`t really like Bratz but I wuv Novi Star dolls <3. So far I only have Una Verse getting more. But I`m just saying they aren`t coping. And the Bratzillas have so many things that are diffrent compared to MH. And the Novi Star Dolls have the most cutest eyes I just wish they came with a diary, where a little talller and had better fashion but other than that there adorable!!!

No, Bratz are definitely not copying Monster High in the literal sense...(And I really can't see the connection between Novi Stars like, at all). But I don't have any doubt they're trying to insert themselves in the same conversation Monster High has brought up. Which probably isn't even Monster High's to boast, as far as the timing goes - MH seems to be a response to the Twilight fad and the horror genre becoming trendy. I suppose MH can boast being the first to popularize that mainstream horror into the fashion doll medium, and Bratz is looking into the success of Monster High as a cash source for their own line, as well as possibly drawing upon the same trend MH did...

So ****in my opinion*** they're not exactly copying Monster High per se, but the two aren't completely separate of each other either. They're married through the tween horror trend (which does seem a rather specific direction, for two very mainstream fashion doll lines). The fact that Monster High did it first doesn't lend Bratzillas any originality points, though :P

But I think they should totally be comparable, though. Just because it's a different line, doesn't mean the two can't be compared / contrasted. These are horror-style fashion dolls from the two biggest names in playline dolls, not apples and oranges :) And I don't have any Bratzillas, but the comments on their quality versus MH's really does help me decide whether I want them or not. I don't know what's typical for quality in Bratz dolls, but I do know what's typical for MH, so it gives me something to judge from. I was basically on the edge with Bratzillas, and since quality with the hair and such is important to me, I think I might leave these on the shelf for someone else.

I don't mind them, I mean they look just like MH, why wouldn't you like them.

I like them. They arent really like normal bratz. They have the glass eyes and such. and removable shoes! :) they are actually pretty cool IMO, but they arent as awesome as monster high, not even close. 

I adore the Bratzillaz and I die alittle inside when people call them copycats.
I don't like Cloetta that much though

Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School!  I love that movie, when my sister was little she had the VHS and I dare say we wore that sucker out.  Any who have not seen it should check it out!  Sure it's campy and cheesy but so is the MH cartoon.  Anyway I forgot all about that movie, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing it up.

About the Bratzilla's, I think they are cute and charming.  I especially love the inset eyes it gives them a higher end appearance.  I probably won't buy any because I have to many dolls and toys sitting around already but, don't think I wasn't tempted!  Love the pets too, even better then the MH pets which to me mostly seem like an afterthought.

PerryNormal said:

UGH!! I so agree with you AthenaPower...I for one am so freaking tired of hearing that Bratzillas is copying off of Monster High!! I have a newsflash people....Mattel does NOT own the rights to all monster, dark, magical, mythical creations!! These Bratzillas look NOTHING like Monster High!! I dont see a single comparison. But obviously, Most will not agree with me this...which came 1st?? Monster High?? Or Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School?? Hmmm what could Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School be about?? Let me tell you...its about a school....where all these different monsters go to learn....hmmmmm sound familiar?? Lets see....Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School came out in 1988..and Monster High came out in 2010...Hmmmmmm sounds suspicous....

I think the eyes on this line are amazing.  I wish they put out of range of MH with these eyes....


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