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Hi guys, has anyone noticed Bratzillas? Do you like them? Any faults? And how would you compare them to Monster High?

Also Tesco does a Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD with nail polish of your own choice that is there.

Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Have you noticed Bratzillaz? Yes, I have noticed them. I saw them on this site (for copying MH), and although I thought they were a bit of a copy, I can't say I didn't like them.
  2. Do you like them? I actually do quite like them, but I promised myself I'd only get one. My doll budget doesn't allow for much more than MH. In the end, I got Meygana Broomstix (or however you spell it).
  3. Any faults? They are much worse quality than MH. Their legs are floppy and hard to change clothes on (like Bratz have always been), their earrings don't stay in and are very easily lost, one brush and she's got an afro, and the goggles get tangled in her hair. But overall, they are pretty.
  4. And how would you compare them to Monster High? Compared to MH, they are not good quality. Comparing them to MH the same price as them, they are not worth buying. The £20-ish MH ranges are always good quality and well  worth the price, but I'm afraid Bratzillaz are not.

I didn't see the Tesco offer! My sister pre-ordered mine for me from Amazon, because I wanted it the day it was released.

I'm not a fan of them. Tbh, I think there designs are seriously lacking a lot of uniqueness. Capes? Since when does having a cape make you a witch? I've seen them in stores. The quality looks awful and the way the eyes look to the side bothers me.

I have Meygana. I like their accessories...but geez Bratz have the most generic faces. Everyone looks the same...

I think they are far ive got Cloetta Spelleta but plan on getting all of them..Meygana Broomstix is next...Mwa ha ha

Being a Bratz fan as well as a MH fan, I snatched up all 5 Bratzillaz.  I haven't yet deboxed them, but I hope to eventually.

i really like them, have all 5 but Meygana is the only deboxed.  I am not a fan of Bratz at all but the things I dislike they changed with the Bratzillaz: the painted on eyes have become glass, the Bratzillaz have beautiful eyes imo, the over large lips, on the Bratzillaz they gave them a bit of an open mouth smile which makes the lips look less exaggerated, the pop on feet/shoes, Bratzillaz have actual shoes and not those god awful pop on feet with painted on shoes.  I will admit that the quality of the clothing and hair does not compete with MH, and there is less attention to detail.  I still love them though and for anyone who has Meygana, her hair is an absolute mess but by putting conditioner on it you can de-frizz it nicely, I sprayed Suave dry conditioner on it and rubbed it in and her hair shines like never before.

I have noticed The Bratzillaz, Yes I do like them.

I don't think they really compare to MH. They seem more Harry Potter inspired and they are Bratz so imo they really dont look like MH to me.

I like they have feet and shoes

I think their insert eyes are beautiful

At first I was dissapointed that the pets were seperate but I like them now.

The capes are a little cheap looking on some of the dolls.

Meygana Broomstix hair is very hard to deal with. I had to use a curling iron and some heat protectant to whip it into shape.

Me seen them but not gonna collect em. The one with the red eyes and the one with the 2 different colored eyes is cute tho

i like them :p

They're NOT copies, for goodness sake; they're -competition-!
If they WERE copies, they'd be vampires/werewolves/monsters etc inspired by the Universal Monsters who all go to a high school together and promote embracing ones inner monstrosity and creepy flaws and
there'd be a lawsuit at hand and MGA would be taken to court (again for infringing upon intellectual property). But this is not the case. MGA (the creators of Bratz/Bratzillaz) have seen the creepy/spooky/'edgy'/supernatural teen fashion girls idea is selling very very well due to the success of MH and are cashing in on that.
As someone mentioned above, they're not particularly comparable with MH because it's a different doll line.
Just because it's similar to MH (i.e spooky/supernatural teen fashion girls) doesn't mean you should act offended and immediately dismiss them. I bet given half the chance (and a price cut; £25 is more than I'd pay for a doll, even MH) you'd all go out and buy them ;)
UGH!! I so agree with you AthenaPower...I for one am so freaking tired of hearing that Bratzillas is copying off of Monster High!! I have a newsflash people....Mattel does NOT own the rights to all monster, dark, magical, mythical creations!! These Bratzillas look NOTHING like Monster High!! I dont see a single comparison. But obviously, Most will not agree with me this...which came 1st?? Monster High?? Or Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School?? Hmmm what could Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School be about?? Let me tell you...its about a school....where all these different monsters go to learn....hmmmmm sound familiar?? Lets see....Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School came out in 1988..and Monster High came out in 2010...Hmmmmmm sounds suspicous....
How can they be copies if bratzillas are only witches? MH doesnt even have a official witch character, just the create a monster doll.

Its like saying Novi Stars are copies of MH.


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