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This would probably get more replies in the Doll Care section, but it doesn't have anything to do with Monster High so this is where it goes.

A few years ago when Disney Store released their first line of Singing Princess dolls, I picked up Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, these are them...

Back then I knew next to nothing about doll hair, so thinking nothing would happen I brushed out their hair... and boy was that a mistake.

Both of them now have hair that looks like a giant frizzy rats nest and is now about five to seven times the size it should be. Jasmine's seems beyond repair to me, but I'm thinking if I cut Sleeping Beauty's it'll look a bit better since it's mainly the lower half that looks terrible.

Before I try that, does anyone have any solutions? I've tried washing their hair, and it just stays the same. I might try rerooting eventually but before that I want to see if I can salvage their original hair. Please help! I can attach pictures of them if needed.

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I'e had amazing results with silicone-based anti- frizz serums (dimethyl silicone, I believe is the most common ingredient).

You want the kind that is thick and oily ( the serum, not the spray). I believe Frizease is the popular brand, but I buy the Walmart brand

.  Work a small amount into the hair, adding more if necessary.  Using a comb or brush with widely spaced teeth comb the serum through the hair until you' re satisfied with the results.

I' ve had success even with vey matted and frizzed dolls, so yoy may be able to restore even Jasmine.

wash theri hair with baby shampoo, spray with detangler spray, brush out and blow dry on low heat, keep brushing the hair out, if you still have frizzy hair use the friz serum, to flatten the hair back out stretch hair between two wash rags ( may want to fold each in half) get your iron and put on low heat, iron on top of the wash rags ( pay attention to your heat, you do not want to melt the hair, but the cloths should absorb most of the heat).   Finish off with a little moroccan oil, also use a wide tooth comb, not the doll brushes for their hair, works much better.




From my experience only the dolls with long black hair from the disney store(pocahontas mostly) turn into rats nests really easily, i have the new ariel and pocahontas, ariel's hair is like new, pocahontas' has really matted ends, I use both the same amount and ariel is only a month younger than my pocahontas, I hope these solutions help, pocahontas is my favorite disney princess ever

P.S. coming with nit brushes help DE-tangle hair


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