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Looks like Disney is planning a new movie based on the teen sons and daughters of their movie villains. It will be called "Descendants."

What does everyone think? So far there is nothing said about dolls.

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Why are my posts/comments being deleted?


Monsters University dolls are on sale on The 6 pack of all the girls of Python Nu Kappa are $19.99. The single packs of Heather Olson and Carrie Williams are $5.99 each. An incredible buy. I bought them all and I love them. The quality is good and they fit in wonderfully at Monster High :)

I read somewhere that it was going to be Disney Channel this makes me wonder that maybe it won't get a big budget so how this will look or turn out is beyond me unless I am mistaken and it will get an actual theatrical release in cinemas, but this does surprise me because usual movies like this aren't normally Disney Channel again if that is the case like I said I could be mistaken but that was what I read however not everything you read doesn't always tend to be true, I am kind of looking forward to it though I reckon it may be fun and if they do make dolls even better depending on what they look and turn out like trying not to jump ahead of things as I haven't even seen what the characters look like yet, I also did read that it won't be released until 2015 so we have a long wait yet but who knows could be good could be bad.


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