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so they are up on preorder and wow, what happened to their hair!? I'm not as impressed with these anymore. Its funny that they dont even try to hide the bad hair in the promo pics.

I think I might pic up the two packs and maybe a Lonnie...

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I never liked these. I don't like dolls with way too cartoony faces. And the hair....

The hair looks way worse than the initial promos.  Having second thoughts.

I like their faces, the hair for evie particulaly is amusing to me. Like, they just grabbed her out a box and didn't think to brush it? come ON! hahah.


Ben's outfit looks wretchedly cheap and nasty, I really don't like it at all. Look how thin that fabric is!

The girls however look alright, I kinda want one or two just as a contrast to eah but i'm gonna I think wait on a review of them first. Decide if they're worth the price.

Well at least we know what to expect with the hair, it's nothing new at least not with curly it isn't, weird since she's the daughter of the Evil Queen so frizzy messed up hair is a no no, I am still excited about them I shall get both 2 packs first then all the basics, Lonnie is beautiful I can't wait to get her, I also really like Jane she looks really different and I like it a lot, I have to have Mal because it's Dove Cameron.

These looked surprisingly nice at the Toy Fair, and to be fair they still do, other than some of their stock imagery having busted weave syndrome. Nonetheless, I still like the look of them. Signature Evie is still my favourite - I'm glad the tights are fabric and not pained on, and despite the hair on the promo images, it's easy enough to fix. I'm pleasantly surprised with Signature Jane and Lonnie. I might have to pick those dolls up too. I would have liked more boys though. 

Anyone having second doubts, consider that these dolls hair might not be as bad. At least wait until people review them, I'd advise.

Seems like they wised up and switched around the default pictures so you see the ones with the prettified hair in the preview. But the ones they had up before of Evie were hilarious in just how awful the hair looked...I don't have much faith in how the quality of her hair will be out of the box. The other ones are pretty cute, though. Lonnie in particular is very pretty to me.

this is the same company that does MLP Equestria dolls right? Cuz my niece has 2 of those dolls and they have horrible messy hair so yeah Im not expecting great hair here.

Looks like they completely removed the bad hair pics now...Its just really funny that whoever made the bad hair promo pics had no idea what the point of a promo pic is. XD


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