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Have you guys seen these? they are new for 2015 and are based on the Disney theme park rides. I really love Gracey and Celeste but I wish I new what they retail for at the parks and how big they are. Anyone have any info? also where would be the best place to buy them online? I suppose Ebay will have scalper prices/

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oh thank you for that link, I just ordered Gracie! Now I just hope the box doesnt come in too bad condition!

Is everyone going to ignore the fact that Disney ripped off EAH's Maddie??? Lmao.

You can't help but see it huh? I was going to say something but I didn't want to cause strife amongst the different types of collectors here :)

But yeah, totally agree.......

There's always going to be comparisons. Personally, I think they are both different in their own way. Regardless, in my opinion Disney should have been wiser than to use the same name as EAH's Maddie. It just causes too much friction between fanbases.

I got my Gracie doll yesterday, she's gorgeous, I love her outfit! I think these dolls have the regular princess doll bodies but much bigger heads making the dolls look bigger overall. The only thing I dont like about her is the yellow green eyes kinda clash with the rest of her darker "goth" colors...also the box came in near mint condition, there's a crease on the top of the cardboard, but at least the plastic window didnt get any dings.

I wish they were articulated.

I wish they'd come up with a more creative and unique name for the tea cup girl (Tia anyone? get it? hurrr) because she already is inspired by the same thing as EAH's Maddie Hatter, having the same name just makes her feel like... well, not her own unique thing. I feel like they should have considered that and given her a different name just to set her apart and distance themselves from EAH with which they'll inevitably be compared.

But yeah... they're super expensive for what they are, though I do like a few of the designs. I feel the names are a bit disappointingly bland though. Gracey is clever, but the others feel a bit phoned in. I don't care what Disney say, i'm calling the pirate Carrie because the pun amuses me RARGH.

I am a huge fan of anything Wonderland Maddie, regardless is a must for me. (even though the name has been used with EAH)


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