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News and Reviews of Monster High Dolls, Plush Toys, and More! sooo glad I didn't buy it a few days ago for $54 when I saw it. $20 off and free shipping? yes, Please! I knew that this would happen so I was really in no rush to get them but I didn't think they'd go down in price this soon. they usually go down middle of the next year after they're released.

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yep, I bought them this morning.

and unlike most people I will cherish ALL the dolls. not just gilda.

Thank you soooo much for the heads up! Doing Christmas shopping for my daughter and this was on her list. That's $6 per awesome doll. While I love MH I love getting them at super cheap prices too :) 

Great sale. My store replaced all of the Student Council packs with the Dance Class packs. Slick.

I bought at 54.00 but have my receipt so I'll be returning the 54.00 pack.

I was at Target the other day and saw they had 1 of these 5-packs left, marked down to $29.99. I hate these huge 5 pack things but for that price I had to pick it up. Gilda was the only MH character we didn't have yet and, my luck, if I passed on this they'd never release another one. If Gilda is released in a smaller box I'll get it and sell this set, just like I did with Gill/Dance Class 5 pack.

got them!!!!! great sale

Thank You, I went to my local Target and they indeed had the packs for $29.99. I wanted both the dance class (As I never got one) and the Student Council, but they only had the Student Council, of course I was glad to get it and at a very reasonable price thanks to the heads up.


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