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I'm not asking for any dolls for Christmas, but I'm wondering what's on everybody's holiday wishlists. Feel free to share. :)

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For me it's Vandala, the Catacombs playset, the Gore-geous styling-head (to repaint and display hats on) and most of Gloom and Bloom.  I'll be lucky if any of them hit the U.K. before Christmas, though!

I'm dying for that cute little grim reaper. Pastel and goth? Yes, please! I'd be thrilled to get Skelita or Jinafire, but really any gift I recieve I'll adore, be it monster high or not.

I've got about twenty dolls on Layaway, haha. Most of them are the older stuff that I've missed from the past few years.

I've gotten a lot of stuff i wanted already i got haunted porter, river, vandela, kiyomi, twyla, field trip toralei, gloom and bloom venus and jane, exchange students Lorna and Mirisol. A lot of good finds.

Mostly I'd like to pick up

Garrott and Rochelle pack (if out in time)

Haunted spectra with play set

exchange lagoona ( all the ones i saw were wonky)

exchange draculaura

gloom and bloom catrine

gloom and bloom jinafire (if out in time)

gloom and bloom cleo (if out in time)

geek shriek howleen

Haunted clawdeen

Haunted draculaura

ghoul berries in London pack (if out in time)

That's really it I'm happy with what i got so far thou.


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