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Decided on making a EAH themed diorama for me to take pictures of my dolls in, but I have no clue were to start, can someone help me? XD

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I'm also working on one at the moment and I have experience with miniatures. The scale you want to use is 1/6, which means you're making everything one sixth of life size. 1/6 is standard scale for most fashion dolls (Barbie in particular) and even though MH dolls are slightly shorter than Barbie, if you want to work to scale 1/6 is the best. This means you can easily find miniature furniture and accessories to furnish your boxset. Re-ment minatures are particularly cute.

With regards to actual structure: I used 5mm foam core to make my walls. It's quite sturdy while still remaining light enough to easily move around and store. You could use wood but you'd likely need specialist tools to work with it.

As for themes: I am making my interpretation of the Coffin Bean as I recently purchased three of the Coffin Bean dolls and I'd like a place for my dolls to hang out in the afternoon after school : ) A popular theme for dioramas is dorm rooms or school/classroom settings.
Oh, and if you have any specific question please ask away. Like I said, I've been miniaturing or many years and can probably help you out with most things, or at least point you in the direction of a good source of info.

Thank you!

Well I was thinking wood (Dad is pretty good with it) but I most likely would go with Foam core for lightness.

I was thinking of trying something base around Maddie tea set but more like a coffee house, something that can be used for all the dolls, not just a certain one.

That actually sounds kinda cool. Or maybe a woodland setting with a big table set up for high tea, like the actual Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! You could draw heaps of inspiration from Alice in Wonderland actually, it has a tonne of cute and whimsical details.

There is a youtuber called Chad Alan, he uploads lots of tutorials of making beds and other doll furniture, even if you don't follow them exactly, they are full of ideas! 

I wish I could Todd, but I cannot do youtube videos sadly.

Hrm, that actually sounds like a good idea Beautiful Creatures!

Here a promotional picture from the more recent live action Alice film by Tim Burton:

I think there's some great inspiration in there for a diorama. I especially like the eclectic chairs and giant mushrooms.

If you want to collect some decorative items for your diorama, try searching for 'Barbie tea sets' on eBay. I've found quite a few cute little tea service sets and they are really cheap (under $3 AUD) with free shipping.

If the inspiration picture is the way you'd like to go, a lot of the elements would be really easy to achieve. You could make table clothes from patterned handkerchiefs, the mushrooms could be moulded from modelling clay and then painted, the rugs can be printed from pictures from online and then a fabric trim added to the edges to make them seem more authentic. There is also this lady's blog. She makes so many cute and detailed miniatures from basically cardboard, foam core and things you can find around the house. Her tutorials are really detailed and easy to follow:

Keep in mind that these tutorials are for 1/12 items, so you'd have to double the measurements to get the right scale for EAH dolls. 

I also really like the stack of books in the Alice promo pic.  Here a tutorial for making something similar:

Recently I picked up this cute little baby cake for my own diorama:  

It's actually an eraser from a cute little Japanese shop near me. It was very cheap and I can't imagine it would cost much to send it to you, so I'd be happy to pick you up one (or several) if you would like.

Okay, thank you!

And it made from things I can fine around our house.just need to get the foam for the walls.

I have this idea of having it 'inside' with windows that have pictures of wonderland like landscape..

I'm not sure how fantastical you want to make it, but it could actually be inside a hollowed out tree, a bit like Winnie the Pooh's house.  If you wanted to get really ambitious (and your dad could help you with this maybe) you could use an actual tree log, like so:

I also found this gorgeous fairytale like chair:

Sadly all the trees that we have cut down have already been hacked/burned X3

I think I've seen those around here actually, you'll be surprise what you can find in a walmart down south, or really anything around here. If not, I can always look around online, and I know that shipping over seas can be spendy :)


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