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Sale/Trade UPDATED 12/08/13 Ghoulia Deadfast Comicbook Club Fashion

If you can't read the whole post, please don't comment or contact me. I'm tired of dealing with people's snark and attitude because they can't read.


Please only contact me if you're serious about trading or buying. I trade for the "going" average price which means I may ask to stack dolls. For example: I have Item#1 that is going for $30. You offer Music Festival Clawdeen ($15). I would say Music Festival Clawdeen and Abbey or something similar. I learned a long time ago people trade for monetary values.


May also be willing to outright buy some dolls on my list. But if the price is the same as Ebay, I'll just go there, where if I get had at least I'm protected :) May also be willing to do a partial trade (doll plus money from me or you).

If I have not traded with you before, you will have to send first. I just had a whole big drama with a scammer. I'm sorry but that's what I need to do right now. I have feedback I can provide so you know I'm good for it.


I take PayPal, prices do not include fees or shipping. I have 100% feedback here, on the Lalaloopsy Fan Club and Ebay. Shipping is extra and will be based on your zipcode and what method you want.


Most prices are not set in stone.

If you contact me we can talk about it.


So I don't have a million pictures in one post, click here for sale/trade list. 

Click here for my wish list.

Please let me know if the links don't work. Please send me a private message if interested.


Please no Price Police. If you don't like it, don't look.


Looking for these dolls MIB/NRFB


Sweet 1600 Clawd

Dawn of the Dance Deuce

SDCC Weberella

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Ok here is picture day operetta ;}
Here is the picture of repunzel ;}

Bump for I <3 Fashion Scarah

Bump for trade info and got pictures of Scarah, Gigi and Catty up.


I have ice/blob would be interested in trading for CAM boy pack.

As much as I like the offer, the boy one is on hold.

MikeyC said:

I have ice/blob would be interested in trading for CAM boy pack.

Bump again for Scarah, Gigi and Catty :)

Bump for some auctions and stuff.

Waffling on adding my MIB/NRFB Jackson and Deadfast Ghoulia I just got....


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