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Name: Devilina Flame Monster Parents: The Devils Age:17 Killer Style:My little purse. I bring it everywhere! ( No one knows what's in it except me!) Freaky Flaw:My Sharp tail. It's always poking me! But, I got used to it. Favorite Color: Orange. It's my signature look. Favorite Food:Spicy Orange Peppers.I put hot sauce on them. It's actually really tasty! Biggest Pet Peeve: How some people get me mad all the time. It gets me red hot! Favorite Activity:Heating it up with all my BMFFS. Favorite School Subject:Home Ick. I always make pepper cake and the teacher automatically gives me an A+! Least Favorite School Subject: History. So boring to sit there so I secretly text! LOL! Pet: Flare, my little Devil Dragon! He's so me! BFFS: Holt Hyde, Abbey Bominable, Draculaura, Abbey Fang, and Clawdeen Wolf! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL! THIS TOOK ME A LITTLE WHILE TO TYPE!

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awesome! u told me about this oc in real life! jus a question i wonder is demons are the same as devils?
i bet lots of people whould want to do a devil
@AbbeyFang Yea I'm pretty sure demons and devils are pretty much the same and yes probably lots of people want to do Devils!


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