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Looking for Holt hyde doll, but refuse to pay anything close to ridiculous ebay prices, please message me, thanks

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I absolutly go with you... I myself would love a Hold doll... but buy over 200 bucks... no way :-(

I remember hearing from au Mattel that he's coming out again this year. Just wait. They're re-releasing signature dolls, and it's possible he's one of them.

Wow I really hope so, fingers crossed and thanks a bunch

This was from Mattel in Australia, not America. 

 "There are currently no plans to range the Heath and Abbey 2 pack in NZ. We can confirm, that there are 4 boys available this year (Clawd, Gil, Deuce & Holt) in various packs and configurations. We unfortunately can’t tell you when they are coming out, so you’ll have to keep your eyes out in store for them! The reason for this is a lot of the new product coming out is characters we haven’t yet revealed in the webisode content (, so all this is very hush-hush."

Just wait. Even if he doesnt come out in the States again it sounds like he may be available elsewhere. 

LunarNightLights said:

that not true there has been 0 word on a new holt coming out. the only boys coming out this year are clawd and gil. and those are 100% confirmed.

sorry but holts the #2 most rare doll. you wont find him anywhere cheap. and if you do its more than likley a scam.

It is crazy how much he is selling for. I live in Australia and was very lucky the other week to go into our kmart and find him sitting on the shelf (one only) scanned him to see how much he was and nearly fell over when he came up at $4.00 needless to say I went through the checkout rather fast so they couldn't change prices!!

Yeah if you guys find an extra one lmk, not ever paying evilbay prices, lol

That would be great if we get a re-release of Holt, I'm kicking myself for not buying more Holt's, he sat on the shelf for months before the store sold out. Didn't realise he'll be a highly sought after doll inc Dotd Deuce. Oh well 'Cest la vie'

Yeah Lunarnightslights how about going and buying yourself a life, no one is listening to anything you have to say, so try again


LunarNightLights said:

DO NOT SELL TO THIS WOMAN, she has massive anger issues and is horribly rude. in chat she had asked if anyone had holt hyde. and a member said yes, she asked if they could buy him, the member politely declined and said they were not selling, she then proceeded to act like a spoiled child and cuss and freak out. stay away, you have been warned.

I have a Holt Hyde (complete) But i will not part with him for anything less than $125USD plus post as he was hard to get in the first place and replacement parts to make him 'whole' cost me a small fortune!


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