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Hello yall I thought I would post here to see if any of the members of this board are also members of the Den Of Angels BJD board and would be willing to send me an membership invite?  I just recently caved and bought Roke from fairyland and hes going to be my first BJD, but Im such a noob to BJDs and would love to talk to other members of the community and learn more about them.  Thank you in advance
(I saw that another member made a similar post but I didnt want to hijack their thread, sorry to be obnoxious)

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Shamefully bumping but also sharing some pics of my new arrival :P I love love love his sculpt and he really does pose like a dream. I made him some PJs so he would have something to wear when he arrived he didnt like the bunny slippers though but he wore them anyway  *hes such a nice guy lol* I have more pics of him and my first box opening up on flickr

he is ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS! Loving the pjs and bunny slippers picture :D

Are you still not on DOA yet?  If not I will send you an invite, PM me your email address I think that is all I need to invite you. I am fairly inactive on their lately but I can tell you right now it is the single most informative source for abjd info.

Your new doll is beautiful.  And you made the pajamas yourself, I am impressed!

Thanks you guys, im really loving him. 

Aurora I havent yet and if you could that would be awesome, I sent you a friend request since apparently I cant just message you until we're friends.


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