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Drats, all gone from Amazon. The company that has them now is selling them for 20$ :-( Not paying that when they should be in stores soon for cheaper. Would have liked to have gotten Robecca and Operetta's packs...... Oh well Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely be on the look out for them.

Thanks for the heads up!

I actually just got all 4 for $14.99 each on eBay. :D
Anyone gets Robeccas I need her UPC

Did anyone see if the ones sold by shipped over seas?

these were delivered from amazon today...i think the ghoulia & operetta ones may be new favorite outfits around our house! :D

I really like them all, but I think the red and black Operetta outfit with them sexy heels is my favorite! This is Operetta's first pair of Steletos! All her others are wedges.

They are available again. Go quickly, but keep in mind that they'll hopefully be back again soon if you miss out. :)

Like the basic ones, they won't ship overseas. Sigh. :(

they dont ship to Canada.....YAY. :/  what else is new.

just got frankie and operetta for 12.99 each.

So did I! The other two are currently unavailable.

Lonnyloon said:

just got frankie and operetta for 12.99 each.


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