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Deluxe Fashion Packs *Modeled* Ghoulia, Operetta, Frankie, and Robecca

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Sweet! Thanks for these.

Ghoulia: both the pants and the dress are shorter than I thought. Especially the dress is... kinda disappointing.

Operetta: Both outfits are great! I still think the bag needed to get the details painted in, though. And the mask sits a little weird on her face?

Frankie: Both outfits look better than I thought. I still hate the mismatched shoes.

Robecca: The dress looks great, but I hate the shirt and shorts. 

Great to see the fashion packs modelled nonetheless!

Thanks for sharing!  I know for sure now that I need Ghoulia and Operetta's fashion packs.  Frankie's outfits are cute, but the black shoe/white shoe bugs the heck out of me.  Still on the fence about Robecca's.

Cute pictures I think, I like Ghoulia's and Robecca's the best. I only like specific pieces of the other fashion packs.

Thank you soo much for these Pictures! 

Here are my Thoughts:

Operetta: I still love the Dress and her Stilettos! I agree about the Purse, it would be awesome if the Dots where painted Red. But I love the Piano Details on the Handle. :) The Second Outfit is cute too, but I prefer the Dress. Her Mask really does look funny, I probably wont be using it. 

Ghoulia: I didnt really like the Promo Pictures, but modeled these Outfits are pretty cute.. both of them! I really like the Worm Earrings, such a freaky Detail that only Ghoulia could pull off. I might end up buying this after all. 

Frankie: I think this is the worst Frankie Fashion Pack ever! The Dress on the right looks horrible, I hate the Pattern, the way it fits and the Color Combination. The mismatched Shoes bother me too, especially because one is white and nothing else is white in either Outfit, they should have at least painted it Silver to match better. The Dress on the left and the little Jacket are ok, but not cute enough to actually buy it.

Robecca: LOVE IT!! I knew I wanted Robecca's Fashion Pack before the first Pictures came online. The Dress is beautiful, I love the Bow and the Belt, the Shoes match nicely and the Purse is cute! And I didnt realize her Eye Patch is actually an Earring! That explains why they only put one brown Earring in the Pack. The Shorts and Shirt are cute too.

Im definitely getting Robecca's & Operetta's, maybe Ghoulia's too if I can find an extra Ghoulia for cheap :) Ill pass on Frankie's though -.-

You are missing a piece of clothing in the Robecca set. There should be a little shrug jacket thing. I have been looking for dressed up photos of the dolls for a while, Thanks for sharing! I really need to get me a Dance Class Robecca those shoes are really cute!

These just came in at me work last night at TRU. $11.99
Yeah I found thes yesterday but could only find ghoulia,frankie & operetta could'nt find robecca tho love how in goulia's her earings are worms LOL and on her dress is toubstones. Each one comes with earings ,purse,1 pair of shoes,belt,jacket 2 outfis & glasses or neclase I love all 3 I have!!!! They are awesome ;}
Here is a pic of one them.
I hope you injoy the pic's ;}


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