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This is a one-on-one RP with the esteemed Captain Maddy, the thirteen doctor and a bunch of other stuff.

Proceed reading this RP at your own risk. WARNING: contains BTTF fangirlism, TARDIS, Puck, pranks, Chameleon Circuit, and apples.

Anyway, to the Captain, how should we start?

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Agatha flicked the little pear skin over her shoulder. "So, about that swordfighting?" She said, trailing off a little.


Willow came back a minute or so later, as promised, and drove back into the garage. She stepped out of the DeLorean with a a tie around her head and some Harry Potter sunglasses on. "The Doctor was right, the French do know how to partayy!" She said, walking around a bit like a drunken giraffe.


Also 50 fangirl points if you get that reference.))

"Swordfighting? Ah, yes, swordfighting!" Idris picked up her sword from the table.
Chroma saw Willow, and stopped making the king kick people down the pit, and jumped up and down, clapping. "That was so cool!"

Alexis jumped up and down and clapped too.

Agatha giggled in a younger sort of manner, she was only a couple 100 years younger than Idris so she still was a bit childish.


"What was cool? Oh, the time jumping, yeah? Thannkkks," Willow said, still seemingly looking like she was drunk for some reason. "I infused some TARDIS technology into the DeLorean so you can go somewhere and you'll be there for what seems like a couple minutes, seconds, or hours. I'm debating on calling it a CARDIS, what do you think?"


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