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This is a one-on-one RP with the esteemed Captain Maddy, the thirteen doctor and a bunch of other stuff.

Proceed reading this RP at your own risk. WARNING: contains BTTF fangirlism, TARDIS, Puck, pranks, Chameleon Circuit, and apples.

Anyway, to the Captain, how should we start?

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((Hm, Al and Willow in one of theirs garage and Agatha with Idris sword fighting or something. Btw, Maddy does stupid one liners sometimes when she has no muse.))
((I like that idea! BTW, MHD and dA is blocked at school, so can you contact me via Tumblr, Maddy? And Willow's garage, I should think...

One-liners are accepted into this RP, I suppose. Because WE SOMETIMES HAVE NO MUSE! :D))

Alexis was busy skateboarding to Willow's house, holding a stuffed white dog plush under her arm, a piece of paper with Johnny B Goode chords and lyrics was stuffed into her pocket, and Chroma Prism, her intern, was following her, carrying a electric guitar and amp.
Idris was sitting in a part of the forest where the fays lived, sharpening her sword. She was quite bored, and really needed something to do. Turning to her cousin, Agatha, she asked. "Care for a swordfight?"

((Yes, I can. C: 



Willow was on one of those things a mechanic might be on when fixing a broken engine. She had been working on the idea her and Al had about making a working DeLorean that travelled in time like the one from Back to The Future. She had thought of adjusting the Chameleon Curcuit in her TARDIS, but decided making one on her own was the "funner" option.


Agatha continued eating the oddly coloured pear she had picked from a certain tree and replied to her cousins idea with a shrug. "After the pear, deary," She said with her mouth full, though it sounded more like "Apher she phear, deareh." when you thought about it.

Alexis reached Willow's house, and headed straight for the garage, knocking on the garage. She wondered how the DeLorean idea was going, and whether or not they would get 1.2 Gigawatts, or a flux capacitor. Of course, the thing about flux capacitors was that they don't travel through space, and they can only time travel 100 years at the most.


"Apher she phear, deareh?" Idris gave a shrug, repeating Agatha's words (in the best way she could). She could wait for the swordfight – it was perfectly fine by her. Swordfighting was what she loved, and if one does what they love too much, they'll eventually get bored of it.
((Sorry about not replying earlier! Went to see Indiana Jones in IMAX. :3))
Willow heard the knocking and rolled herself out from the bottom of the car, sitting up and grabby an already oily rag. She stood up, taking a remote to the garage out of her pocket and pressing a button. She waved hello to Al as the garage door open, while also wiping off her face.
Agatha swallowed the remains of the pear and threw it over her shoulder to a squirrel. "I would think you would know what I'm saying with my mouth full, cousin." She raised an eyebrow and brushed some of her dark auburn hair out of her eye, the eye that looked like it belonged on a doll rather than a Fae.
((That's fine! And thank you, You are a saviour in every way.))
"Hellooo Willow!" Alexis said as she stepped in the garage. Chroma followed her, and nodded a welcome as well.
"Nice place," Chroma commented, placing the guitar down somewhere suitable.

"I do know, Idris said. "I just thought the pronunication of the word was slightly amusing." She glanced at her cousin, focusing on the eye. It was largely her fault – she dared Agatha to sew her eye up.

((Awww. :c))

Willow finished cleaning her face and waved back. "Hiya, Al," She said with a nice smile and answered Chroma with: "Better inside than in here." She turned back around to the DeLorean. 

"So, thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?" She asked.


"Mmhmm," Agatha nodded. "Also I know you're looking at my eye." She grinned a bit wickedly. "You still feel guilty don't you?"

(yey for one-liners)

"Guilty? A tad, just a tad," Idris gave a formal nod. "We were still young there, weren't we?"
Alexis skipped around the DeLorean a couple times, looked inside, outside, glanced under the wheels, before turning back to Willow. "I like it! It's awesome! It's also awesome that the awesomeness and cool-ness can only be rivaled by me, standing in Antartica, in sunglasses with penguins in tuxedos tugging along octopi in gardens singing Beatles songs."

Chroma was looking around too.
"Mmhmm," Agatha smiled, one of her cheesy smiles.
Willow was still processing what Al had said. She was one of the confusing types. But don't get her wrong, Willow liked confusing people. "Oh yes, that's quite true," She laughed, grabbing a water bottle filled with tea from the hood of the DeLorean and taking a sip.
"And the young do much to hurt their peers. Of course, I still don't like many of them, but you're an exception," Idris said.
"Okay! Anyway, what should we do? Would it work? What if it didn't work? Are you going to put your TARDIS on top of the DeLorean just in case we get stuck in time? That'll be terrible!" Al rambled on.

Chroma was studying a not-to-scale model of the solar system, but got bored of that quickly.

"Thank you I suppose, I don't really always get what you're saying, but that sounded faintly like a compliment," Agatha said, getting out some pear skin in her teeth with her finger.


"Let me see and you just watch," Willow said, getting into the DeLorean and starting it up. "Be back in just a minute." She started up the time traveling car and drove into the street, disappearing and going to a random time.

Idris gave a shrug. "I guess," she said simply, standing up.
Alexis watched Willow drive off, with the DeLorean disappearing. "Now that is skill!"

"No, this is Sparta!" Chroma was playing with the two figures. She pretended to have the king kick some other guy into a pit.


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