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So, December 31 of this year has been set as the release date for an official theatrical "Monster High" movie, which I'm assuming will be a live-action adaptation of the animated "Monster High" world.

What are your thoughts about this? I'm excited, although, in some ways, I hope that Mattel divides their attention between this movie....and a bunch of really cool, articulated Monster High dolls.

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The Whispering Wolf

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Sounds painful.

The reboot is already painful without a live action movie but yeaaah...

not excited.

Once i would have been but Mattel's current treatment of the MH franchise leaves me pretty certain it'll just be excruciatingly phoned in.

the link doesn't work

anyway i think this is fake. there was supposed to be a monster high/ever after high live action crossover movie but it got scrapped last year. 

so mattel could of not rushed production that quickly. also i found no news of it anywhere.

so yeah i'm calling fake unfortunately :/

a monster high live action movie has been in the works since monster high was launched in 2010. it's basically been in development hell ever since. 

Mattel have been playing this release date hopscotch with the live action movie so many times that I doubt it'll even make it into production. 

I'll believe it when I see actual casting announcements, filming, etc.

I don't think this is real either. If they were doing a live action movie it would have been done before now. We might see another cartoon movie but I doubt this will happen.


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