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Love your DT jackson!!!!!

Atomica Servo said:

I made a Dead Tired Jackson Jekyll a couple months ago based on the jammies he wore in the webisode "I Know What You Did Last Fright."

Spectra!! <3

I love that Robecca her makeup is pretty so far there hasn't been a doll of her I did not like.

Must have that Robecca!

ooh, that is cute

This is epical I hope they make a Venus and Rochelle next!

I love her slippers, too!  The goggles are a blast and she looks gorgeous with a red lip.
fayerie said:

Homg the steampunk goggles on Robecca's

I just hope Howleen is in the next Dead TIred Edition....I mean she'll already have a bed since she shares with Clawdeen..I would like to see Spectra with short hair...perhaps a bob or something...

They're all cute and I have no problem with the three, but I think I'll pass on them. I need to save as much as I can for everything else coming out this year. D:

Lagoona is my fave. SOO pretty. Can't wait!!!

OMG i NEED them all i just love their details like spectras slippers :O

Me likes lagoona with straight hair, but me would have rather have seen 3 new characters get a dead tired doll instead of just 2. Lagoona already has hydration station doll. Hows about a Cat Nap Toralei doll lol.


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