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Awesome, i like them all! Lagoona looks really good with straight hair =)

Yeah-- that's a super cute Lagoona, and I love Robecca with a warm red lip!


I called my supervisor about swooping on more hours. He laughed.


There is no more transparency in where my money goes.

Lagoona has already had a dead tired doll I wish they'd have made an Operetta or Venus or even a Howleen!

I love Spectra, she's absolutely adorable! Once again though I'll be skipping this Lagoona, her pj's are so boring! Of course I prefer night gowns for myself anyways, which may be why I love Spectra so much.

I wish Operetta, Rochelle, & Venus were included in this line though. :/

LOVE Spectra and Robecca.  Not a Lagoona person.


I love them, especially spectra

Definitely getting Robecca and Spectra.  I absolutely LOVE the DT line.  I think it's my favourite line so far followed closely by DDG.  I really hope they continue to come out with new ones each year.

@Triumvirate: Yea they even made Lagoona's colors coordinate with the colors from her shower set.

These are cute, but I'm happy none of my favs are in this group I can save my money.

Love them. Thanks for posting

I love all of these. Spectra, being my favorite, kind of confused me a bit but then I realized that she's Spectra. She has to give that nice, soothing, gentle vibe which she delivers, especially with that hair style.
I was kind of surprised a bit with Robecca, seeing as how I thought her DT outfit was going to be based off of the one shown in the book cover. I kind of like this one much better though.
This Lagoona is beautiful and fun looking. Definetely something average female teenagers would be seen wearing nowadays. (:

I love Spectra's clear shoes and that Robecca's have little goggles on them. Very cute


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