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Hello All,

Happy weekend :) My Guy took me Birthday Shopping with money he gifted me with and we'd been to DD Discounts a couple weeks ago & they had some shopkins and one Lagoona doll for $3.99. Today we got there and I was so happy..I yelled out "Hon, Ever after High doll " He laughed and said "There you go." It was Kitty for $5.99 and then a little bit over was Meeshell also for $5.99. After that we found the Mega Construx Fear Squad of 3 figures for $3.99. The last item we found was the Shopkins set for $5.99 It is the Japan Travel set. 

We next went to TRU and the shelves are packed..Sales are now at 20% ..Lego is at 10% and some other toys are between 30-50%..(No name brand names ones though ) There are plenty of Barbies, Descendants , Monster High dolls & Shopkins too.

Our last stop after a Great meal at The Habit..was Goodwill..There we found Bonita Femur on the toy shelf and I carried her around the store and the nice gal at the register said she was $2.99 so my Guy bought her for me. (He also bought the Shopkins Japan set at DD's )

Happy Shopping Hugss,


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Hello Tula,

Happy weekend Babe :) O h my goodness,,My Prediction of you finding goodies came true :) I love all your great finds & YOU went to a Mattel Outlet too !! Lucky you. I Love my Raven Dragon Games..awesome you found her, I wish I had a Mattel Outlet near me. ( ours are in Southern Calif ) 

Yes, Kathy decided to sell her name/bags to a group in China and then wal mart carried them for about 26.00 but barely sold any until they marked them way down. The KVZ FB page was covered in angry comments then the group in China took the page down.

Happy working weekend ..and next time you are off you will find more treasures..I've been battling this brutal cold/cough so only went thrifting once and came home with this new Beanie Boo..Her name is Glamour and she is a pink spotted leopard.

Happy weekend Hugs,


Oh! She is really glamorous! lol ...a cutie.

You must have a great collection of Beanie Boos.

I love Raven Dragon Games too. I am pleased I could find her. She looks like she could be in "Game of Thrones".

This week end will be very exhausting. I will be happy when the whole thing will be finished. I am pleased I could go to Paris. I could see my Mum! It makes the job a bit bearable.

I hope you will feel better soon.

Have a great week-end

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Sat :) Thank you for your kind words over Glamour. My guy found her and gave her to me..I do have a lot of the original Beanie Babies ( 1990's ) and the new versions & the Boo's too. 

Raven was a hard one for me to find too..Took us several visits to TRU to track her down. Iwas so happy when we finally found her. I am so glad you did too :)

Sorry that work is so exhausting/pain..It is good to hear you get to see Mum in Paris. Give her my best & I hope the weekend work goes great/quickly.

This darn cold is a stubborn one..resisting all meds & fluids..It is getting somewhat better but the high temps here are not helping much.

Happy Travels & Hugs,



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