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Hello All,

Happy weekend :) My Guy took me Birthday Shopping with money he gifted me with and we'd been to DD Discounts a couple weeks ago & they had some shopkins and one Lagoona doll for $3.99. Today we got there and I was so happy..I yelled out "Hon, Ever after High doll " He laughed and said "There you go." It was Kitty for $5.99 and then a little bit over was Meeshell also for $5.99. After that we found the Mega Construx Fear Squad of 3 figures for $3.99. The last item we found was the Shopkins set for $5.99 It is the Japan Travel set. 

We next went to TRU and the shelves are packed..Sales are now at 20% ..Lego is at 10% and some other toys are between 30-50%..(No name brand names ones though ) There are plenty of Barbies, Descendants , Monster High dolls & Shopkins too.

Our last stop after a Great meal at The Habit..was Goodwill..There we found Bonita Femur on the toy shelf and I carried her around the store and the nice gal at the register said she was $2.99 so my Guy bought her for me. (He also bought the Shopkins Japan set at DD's )

Happy Shopping Hugss,


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Helo Tula,

Happy Tues..Glad my Shopkins display made you smile. I took those photos for You..When I am tired of them I will pack them away and set up a new display. I have been thrifting for years and flea marrkets/garage sales and it is very rare to see clothing for dolls..I have a lot of Cuddly soft Kelly ( Barbie Lit sis ) and I had to buy the clothes for her at Disney stores & TRU..This Kelly is a BIG doll, the size of Cabbage Patch dolls. 16 inch doll size. I have so many of these we lost count..

I do know how hard is to clothe these dolls of Ours.. Yet we both keep looking..I will let you know if I ever run into a Moxie doll..Liv dolls I have seeb & bought pre loved./used but never saw a Moxie sold in a thrift store.

I was so sad in our local TRU...and I can just see you riding past your closed TRU...I am dreading this closure..I had high hopes someone would rescue the company..even amazon but no luck so far.

You rescued the dolls and are going to give them a loved home..I never understood why folks cut the dolls hair or cut it all off & then donate them. I never cut any of my dolls hair even when I was little. 

We went to Ikea to shop & dinner as my guy was sent a free Birthday meal by Ikea & a 15.00 free money to spend in the store...Next to it is a Target and we went there and they had new Clawdeen/Lagoona dolls ..That was nice to see.

Happy Tues Hugss,


I have never seen these dolls before. Maybe I did not pay attention but I don't think so. You have more dolls and more dolls lines in the US than in Europe. She is cute. They are big. I bet it is difficult to find clothes for them.

NO MH at all here. I only saw singing Ari and designer boutique Frankie in a discount shop near the car boot sale. They have been there for weeks.

I have been lucky with MH clothes and shoes in the past. I have found a lot. I also bought a few fashion packs. I would love more... and earrings and necklaces!! lol  And modern Bratz earrings would be great. All mine are missing their earrings. I have never seen a Moxie Teenz before the one I have found. I have never seen one in a shop in he past otherwise I would have bought one. I only saw a few pictures of them. I did not even know they were so tall. Big problem to find clothes for them. I have only the 3 Livs I have found recently. I love their outfits, so cute. I guess they can wear barbie clothes. I don't want to redress them. Their outfits are perfect.

I have never cut any doll's hair either as a child. I had 1 Barbie I loved. She was very well looked after. She had a lot of great outfits. Unfortunately I gave everything away to somebody. Silly! I did not know I will return to dolls as an adult! I liked barbie because she was grown up. I did not like the other dolls. I loved bears, still do. I have bought a Moxie Teenz on Ebay very cheap. She suffered all the horrors that can be done to a doll!! The wig was cut, she had glue and tons of blue tack on her head. They even glued the torso articulation. She had glue on her legs and they painted her! Everything went except for the blue on her feet (I knew it would not go). It was worth it because she looks great now. Her face and lashes were untouched. This is why I bought her. The feet are not a problem, she will have shoes. She is beautiful. How can somebody do that to a doll?? And even worse to a Moxie Teenz, they are so beautiful and so difficult to find. sigh...

I also thought Toys R Us would be saved in the US. At least some of the stores. It is a shame. Yes, they could do a thrift store. It would be fantastic.

I hope you will keep the Shopkins display for a while. They are so cute.

Your guy is lucky to have a Birthday present from IKEA! My Birthday is soon, I should contact them! lol

Have a great week.

Take care

Dear Tula,

Hello :) Thank you for your kind words over my Kelly doll..( Mattel changed her name to Chelsea now ) Mom knew I liked Kelly and said she was smaller then Barbies to collect..( reg size Kelly is a toddler doll ) and I ended up with about a thousand of them. 

Good for you on the Moxie doll from ebay..I should check our ebay for one..They truly are gorgeous. I had high hopes TRU could be saved  but nothing yet :( 

I signed us up for a free Ikea family card..( just a card that you can use for discounts) and this yr is when they sent him a free meal & slice of cake for dessert & 15.00 to spend on anything in the store..

We went to our other local TRU and I have a ton of pix..They actually had toys there too :)

Happy Wed Shopping Hugs,


OH! Thousands!!

I have 2 small Chelsea dolls. One is blond and is supposed to be Rapunzel or something like that. She comes with a small Dragon. I bought her new years ago. The other one was second hand. She is adorable. She has red hair and a green dress. I have never seen the bigger ones.

I have a few doll's lines where I only have one, two or three dolls. Like Pullip, I only have one. One Dal and one Tangkou.

I don't know what happened with MH. It went out of control. I have quite a few Bratz but it took me years to have so many. lol

I am now totally enamoured with the Moxie Teenz. I fell in love with the one I have found in the boot fair. I would like to have one or two more. I wish I could have seen them in shops when they were available. I have never seen one. I would have bought one or two then.

Have a great end of week!

Take care

Hi Tula,

Oh yes, my Kelly collection is Huge,,,500+ of the little Kelly/Chelsea dolls & a lot of the Cuddly soft Kelly dolls, blondes & the redhead too. 

We went to a thrift store tonight & came home with a classic album of racy songs by the actress Elsa Lancaster & a book..I saw some used Barbie dolls but none for me and no Beanies either.

Happy Shopping Hugs & hope you find a lot of Moxie dolls this weekend & clothes for them all too. When I started getting MH dolls, then EAH dolls I slowed down on the Kelly's.


Hi Maureen,

Car boot sale report:

This time I have found absolutely NOTHING!!! lol

I was a bit disappointed because it was the last cat boot sale before my Birthday. That's the rule of the game. It happens. There was no dolls except for professionals selling a few 80's/90's Barbies I did not like enough to buy. Also 1 MH in very bad condition. And other toys I was not interested in.

Luckily, Harry the mohair bear comforts me. lol He sleeps near me. I see his cute face when I wake up!

The charity shops had as usual nothing either.

I know I will have to rely on Ebay if I want more MT. Normally, there are always a few Bratz and MH in this boot fair. Strange!

I hope you will be more successful than me with your finds.

Have a great week!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Tues :) Hope all is well. Had a lovely weekend & found this new Beanie Baby Husky dog named Buff at my Craft him with a 50% coupon too. :)  I am so sorry there was nothing at the car boot sale.  That means you will find twice as much stuff next weekend. ( or so I hope ) Had a great weekend of footie/world cup soccer games, reading, movies..worked on my computer & saved my documents, defrag pc..All in all a good weekend and managed to get a lot of things done that were on my list of to do stuff.

Happy Tues Shopping Hugs,


Oh! Another cutie!

It is always great to do things on a list of to do stuff, it makes us feel good!

A little made me laugh...


Have a great day!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Wed :) 4th of July Holiday here today...Ooooh How Dollies are made !! What a fantastic YT link..Loved it :)  I seem to have caught some kind of cold bug so we jurst went thrifting and  came home with this handbag by One of my fav designers, Kathy Van Zeeland. ,, We bought this for $4.91 total.. Happy to have found one of her vintage bags.

Happy Wed Shopping Hugs,


The YT link is funny and so kitsch! It made me laugh that's why I put it on the forum!

I think I have one of her handbags. I bought it in TK Maxx years ago. It is a  bit too heavy for me so I did not use it very much. There used to be a lot of her handbags in TK Maxx. I don't see these bags anymore. I am glad you are happy with your find.

Have a great day!

Take care

 Reply by Tula Shadowy 18 hours ago

The YT link is funny and so kitsch! It made me laugh that's why I put it on the forum!

I think I have one of her handbags. I bought it in TK Maxx years ago. It is a  bit too heavy for me so I did not use it very much. There used to be a lot of her handbags in TK Maxx. I don't see these bags anymore. I am glad you are happy with your find.

Have a great day!

Take care

Hello Tula,

Happy Thurs :) I remember when KATHY sold her bags at Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx ( & TK Maxx )  Oh yes. her bags at least the vintage ones are heavy. She sold her bags/name to a company in China and they began making them to sell them in wal mart with cheaper quality & Prices..My Guy bought one for me for 5.00..This deal with China is why the bags are not being sold in regular stores.

Happy Thus Shopping Hugs,


Hi Maureen,

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been quite busy with this job.

I did not know this hand bags brand had been sold to a company in China. It explains why I never saw them again. Shame about the brand being cheapen out.

I went to the car boot sale last Sunday and I have been quite lucky this time. I have found quite a few things I wanted.

So I have found 2 more cute Zelfs and they were really cheap, 20 pence each! Great! Another Bratz and a few mini Lalaloopsies and Rochelle's pet. Quite a bit of MH, Bratz clothes and accessories. Even some Moxie Teens boots, jeans and jewellery. It was totally unexpected. Shame they did not have dolls too!! (never'm joking!)

I love the green Zelf. She is a witch and she glows in the dark. How cute!

I had the luck to spend 2 days in Paris thanks to my job. I am very pleased I could do it. I went to the Mattel outlet. They had quite a bit of MH. I saw the Ballerinas for the first time. They only had Draculaura and Moanica, unfortunately no Cleo. Moanica is quite nice but she was too expensive for my taste. They also had some older G1 dolls and a few Ever After High. I bought Raven Queen Dragon Games. I am pleased I could find her again. I did not buy her when she was still available in the UK. I left her in Paris. I could not fit her in my bag. I also bought Garden Ghouls Cleo despite her bad quality and her terrible gappy joints (I will have to hide them somehow). I like her shoes and her face is pretty... Both of them were reasonably priced but most of the dolls were quite expensive. It was nice to see MH and EAH again. I think it is probably some of their last remaining stock of EAH so I grabbed Raven while I could!

Very pleased!

Sorry for the really bad quality of the pictures. I was in a rush to take them. Poor Cleo, it is a shame about her gappy joints... sigh...

This Sunday, no car boot sale. I will be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Ooops! Hard and tiring task!

I hope you are well. And I hope you were lucky too with new finds.

Take care

Have a great week-end both of you.


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