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Hello All,

Happy weekend :) My Guy took me Birthday Shopping with money he gifted me with and we'd been to DD Discounts a couple weeks ago & they had some shopkins and one Lagoona doll for $3.99. Today we got there and I was so happy..I yelled out "Hon, Ever after High doll " He laughed and said "There you go." It was Kitty for $5.99 and then a little bit over was Meeshell also for $5.99. After that we found the Mega Construx Fear Squad of 3 figures for $3.99. The last item we found was the Shopkins set for $5.99 It is the Japan Travel set. 

We next went to TRU and the shelves are packed..Sales are now at 20% ..Lego is at 10% and some other toys are between 30-50%..(No name brand names ones though ) There are plenty of Barbies, Descendants , Monster High dolls & Shopkins too.

Our last stop after a Great meal at The Habit..was Goodwill..There we found Bonita Femur on the toy shelf and I carried her around the store and the nice gal at the register said she was $2.99 so my Guy bought her for me. (He also bought the Shopkins Japan set at DD's )

Happy Shopping Hugss,


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Dear Tula,

Happy Wed :) Wow, I did not know Paris had a Mattel store..How awesome. Maybe Mattel will open one now that TRU are closing or closed..I'd love to see one open in the UK. I've been to almost all of the Mattel toy outlets in North/South Calif...I love those stores :)

I hope you will soon find  a job that really appeals to you. I've had jobs where I thought why am I doing this ? It wasn't the job it was usually my boss..I had one boss, a real 100% Jerk and I cared for his son and he made me a nervous Mom came by and I went to pack up the belongings of the adorable child so he could go home and the Father began his complaint of the day...(I am an excellent day care provider. I owned the business but this guy is one of those type of men who enjoy issuing orders & bossy behavior ) Mom walked out of the other room and said "Maureen just quit " That shut him up fast & he picked up Martin and left. I always say a job is a good thing & money is great to have & spend but Not when you have either a horrible job or Boss.

Good idea to sort your Tarot decks. I have not used some of the sets I have and I still collect the sets I find and love he beautiful artwork on he cards.

Have a Wonderful Wed & Happy Shopping Hugs,


LOL!  Yes, people can be a real problem at work. The bossy authoritarian ones who are always right and know everything! Unfortunately, we don't meet them only at work...they are everywhere...

I am now into my tarots revival, thanks to you and Toralei. It is a distraction from toys! I went on Youtube to discover to my surprise that there are heavy tarots collectors out there. They have hundreds of decks! I also discovered that some tarots packs cost extortionate prices on Amazon. I have a deck that they sell for £200 used!! LOL This is crazy, nobody will ever buy it for that sort of price. Amazon are mad. I bought this deck in a discount book shop a few years ago. I think this world has gone mad!

I will be able to go to the car boot sale on Sunday. I am pleased. I hope I will find something.

Did you find more Boo's you like?

I can't resist to send you this link (it will not work as usual, I still don't know how to make it active). I find this guy really cool and he is a dancer too. And I love the Thoth deck...

It is so much more fun now. I can check the dolls and toys reviews and collections AND the tarot decks reviews and collections! ;-)

Have a great day!

Take care

 Oh my Goodness, the link seems to work?????! I have done exactly the same thing as before... I am puzzled

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs :) So true about bossy folks..The Jerk I knew was married to the nicest lady who worked with my Mom & His Parents were a dream..I adored his Father..No one could understand where he came from !!

Awesome on your reviving interest in Tarot and Yes, the link did work..Great Job & I liked the link too..Fingers crossed that you find something at the boot sale on Sun...

Just did a wal mart run and all that is left on the shelves are budget MH dolls :( Glad they are there but sad to see it is all there is there..Target's at least were getting some of the newer product. Did not bring anything home but needed supplies. Heading out to shop Costco Today and at Holiday time they usually have some new MH dolls for Christmas..Months away but good to know they might be there this yr.

Have an awesome Day & Happy Shopping Hugsss,


By the way, ghoul fair Elissabat is very pretty too! Poor elissabat, how could I forget to compliment her?! lol

Take care

Hi Maureen,

So I finally managed to take pictures of the last car boot sale finds. I have bought everything from the same person except for the Kidrobot blue Dalek. It was a lovely lady who was selling upon other things the dolls for her little neighbour.

I have noticed it is more and more difficult to find dolls in car boot sales. I could see a lot more last year (last year has been quite fantastic for toys. I have been to the ones in France too. I suppose you can't have so much luck all the time.).

The car boot sale is quite far so I can't arrive when it just opens. By the time I arrived, the MH dolls were gone. I think the 2 Bratz were still there because they had no feet so people left them. I have found their feet looking for MH accessories. Everything was mixed up and she had a lot of Barbie dolls and barbie accessories.

And those shoes, seriously! lol They are fabulous!

They are so cute! I think they are a lot of fun. It is a shame they have been discontinued. I am quite pleased to find some in boot sales. I did not buy any when they were reduced in shops. I was buying too many MH dolls. At the time, all the dolls were on sale. It was too much. And now, there is virtually nothing I like!

Now, I have a challenge. I want to find Cloe Selfie Snaps skirt, glasses and hat (she can't wear that pink skirt lol I wonder which doll it originally belongs to...)...and Cloe Study abroad top and other clothes. It is possible... last year I have found Jade Selfie Snaps hat and glasses which I was missing. I don't know how long it will take but it is a lot of fun. I love the coat. It is supposed to be a ski coat but does not look like one at all.

Very pleased with my blue Dalek. It looks mad enough to make my day!

I can go to the car boot sale next Sunday. I hope I will find something. MH and Bratz clothes and accessories would be great.

I can't wait to see pictures of your finds. I would love to see the cups and the German mug.

Have a great end of week.

Take care

It's getting harder and harder to sell stuff on ebay or facebook groups as the market is utterly saturated, so more and more interesting stuff people are giving up on selling and just car booting or charity shopping.

I mean, i'm getting so frustrated with ebay right now and the fact that every time I sell some stuff at least one buyer doesn't then pay me, that i'm seriously considering alternate options.

I can't deal with the stress of waiting 2 weeks for payment and then having to file a bloody non paying bidder report on this jerk. And even with my settings as high as possible to block non paying bidders, there seem to be SO MANY of them (I think they have multiple accounts to be honest)

There's no real repurcussions for doing it, you don't get banned or anything so sellers can't do jack.

And sales in facebook groups are sloooow, nobody's buying, everyone's selling.

Meanwhile on gumtree and similar sites 90% of people don't want to post, which means they can't sell either because they need to find the one person nearby willing to make the trek over to get the items and it's kinda weird going to a person's house like that. Makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

I don't get why they won't post either, it's not like it's that much more hassle and they get paid to do so.

Just lazy.

And so a lot more stuff seems to be being donated. Which is good in a way because it means more newer stuff hitting charity shops, but it's also super frustrating for people like me who make their income selling vintage toys. This cycle i've pretty much failed to sell anything much and it's quite depressing.

Anyway, congrats on the bratz! I liked the new bratz, they were nicely made dolls.

I don't know if it is harder to sell stuff on Ebay, I have never done it. I see a lot of MH dolls selling for quite high prices at auction. It is too expensive for my taste!

Did you try Shpock? I have bought from a seller on Shpock another Bratz on Thursday, Yasmin Remix (I am becoming a bit in love with them...) I will collect her tomorrow. I was so horrified to see they predict rain for the week-end that I decided to buy her! Oh no! No car boot sale then. What a disappointment!

I have noticed that it is more difficult to find dolls in car boot sales. There are not as many as before. The charity shops near me hardly have any dolls. They are not as good as the ones in your area. It is a bit depressing. I love to buy second hand dolls. I enjoy the finds. I love to revive them and somehow to give them a "new" life is so enjoyable.

I like these Bratz dolls too, also the older Bratz. In last year carboot sales, I have found Jade and Yasmin. This year, Sasha and these 2 cloe. Very pleased to have some. I did not buy them when I could see them reduced everywhere. Silly, I could have bought just one. There were too many dolls reduced in shops at the time. I can't cope with buying too many dolls at the same time, even on sale. I hope I will find more clothes and accessories for them. I have 2 fashion packs, so they will have a bit of choice of outfits! lol, yes, I have bought 2 fashion packs for them and I did not have any dolls! It was silly but it is great to have them now.

I hope you will find a way to sell your toys. Sometimes, people don't pay when they win an auction and if the seller put the item again, it sells for more. I have noticed it a lot on Ebay.

oh man there's soeone on schpock with piles of newer bratz, all in bundles by line. All four of a lot of them for like £20 the bundle. I can't justify it myself, but it's a decent price.

I recently picked up some descendants for £6 (mib, wth?) and a Makie too for £30 (had to go into acton to get her) and a Nosy Bear for like £3. There's some crazy bargains there if you're willing to trawl through pages of badly labelled nonsense hahah.

I think Ebay is just... dying. Fees too high, seller protection is non existant and there's too many loopholes for scammers and time wasters.

Fb groups seem to be trying to sell stuff for crazy amounts but getting no bites. Maybe it's just people don't have the money, I dunno.

you know I think I have a huge pile of Bratz stuff laying around somewhere, mostly shoes. I have.. so... so many bratz shoes. Lol.

Yes, I have seen the adds for the Newer Bratz on Shpock. They have quite a few bundles. It is too far unfortunately. The dolls would have to be posted. I was mentioning Shpock as an option to sell your toys, not to buy more! lol... You were lucky to find a Makie on Shpock.

The Bratz I have bought was part of one bundle of mixed dolls but the person agreed to sell her separately. She also agreed to put the right top on her. She was wearing another one.

I was looking at the dolls accessories I have found last year in boot sales. Couldn't remember everything. I have Cloe Study abroad trousers. Very pleased! I also have Sasha British outfit but I don't dare to put it on her. The tights stains the doll's legs. Apparently the collar and sleeves of the jacket stains the doll too according to reviews. She was only 20 pence (with no clothes and no feet! lol) but she just went to the "beauty Spa"  this afternoon and she is so cute. I don't want her to have more stains on her legs. She has a few black marks on her legs. I will use the top and the shoes but not sure about the rest. Shame.

The Bratz are shoes addicts! They need more shoes than any other dolls! A lot of the time, we find them...without feet! lol so they can never have too many shoes...

Hi Purple M,

Happy Sun & Thank you for your informative replies,,I hope you find some more treasures for your collection real soon & at a great price too.

Happy Shopping Hugs,


Hi Tula,

Happy Sunday :) Awesome finds on your Bratz dolls. I see them in a lot of our thrift stores In the USA..Great photos too. Loved reading your comments here & Purple M too :) Thank you for keeping my Thread going !! How did your new car boot sale go ??

We went thrifting and Found a new heat wrap for my back but Den found a sealed box of a giant book/3 cd se t of Disney music from the parks & movies.

LOVED the Bratz shoes ..Great Finds..Our Ebay here seems to be flourishing ..I just bought a dvd from there with free shipping and it arrived here in a few days.

Happy Shopping Hugsss,


Ooooh! These rabbits cups are so cute! I think they are adorable. The German mug is very cool too.

The car boot sale did not go very well...I did not go!! There was a not so nice thunderstorm Saturday during the night. I decided not to go because of the mud in that field. I was really disappointed! I have checked their Twitter and apparently, not a lot of sellers were there so less regrets. When it is raining, the field becomes muddy. It is also very uneven, it makes it worse. Shame about this weather.

I had a look in TK Maxx today. They only had descendants dolls. I don't like their faces enough to take one home. They had a fish Beanie Boo so adorable. I nearly did it...take him home. Danger! lol And a blue Poodle so cute. These creatures are very dangerous...I still resist!

The charity shop had a lot of big Lalaloopsies. I only collect the minis finds this time! I bought another Bratz from Shpock. It is a site where people sell their stuff. She is very cute. At least, I have a sort of find. The lady who was selling the doll was really lovely.

You never bought a Bratz from your Thrift stores? Maybe you don't like them as much?

It is lovely to see pictures of your cups, they are so cute.

Have a great Monday. It is bank Holiday here in the UK too (but more thunderstorms on the way...Damn!)

Take care


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