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Hello All,

Happy weekend :) My Guy took me Birthday Shopping with money he gifted me with and we'd been to DD Discounts a couple weeks ago & they had some shopkins and one Lagoona doll for $3.99. Today we got there and I was so happy..I yelled out "Hon, Ever after High doll " He laughed and said "There you go." It was Kitty for $5.99 and then a little bit over was Meeshell also for $5.99. After that we found the Mega Construx Fear Squad of 3 figures for $3.99. The last item we found was the Shopkins set for $5.99 It is the Japan Travel set. 

We next went to TRU and the shelves are packed..Sales are now at 20% ..Lego is at 10% and some other toys are between 30-50%..(No name brand names ones though ) There are plenty of Barbies, Descendants , Monster High dolls & Shopkins too.

Our last stop after a Great meal at The Habit..was Goodwill..There we found Bonita Femur on the toy shelf and I carried her around the store and the nice gal at the register said she was $2.99 so my Guy bought her for me. (He also bought the Shopkins Japan set at DD's )

Happy Shopping Hugss,


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Dear  Tula,

Happy Sun : ) Wow I love your new doll..I have a boxed Toralei ..My Guy surprised me when he ordered her years back..I love that doll. Great find you have & love hearing it was a great price too. That is awesome that you have the same Cleo doll & The Ghoulia doll..I love Ghoulia's..( and still looking for the mini's version of her..I see photos of them but no luck in finding her ) BTW, love that your new doll is sitting on a Tarot card..I love Tarot & have several decks.

Stayed in Sat & might do some shopping on Sun...I did order the Sugar Coated Maddie..(I know that Mattel showed a Raven in that set but I do not think they made her beyond the prototype for the ads) 

Happy Sun Hugs & Congrats on Your Amazing & Beautiful Find,


Hi Maureen,

I went to the car boot sale and I have found an EAH doll. She was leaking glue BTW and I gave her an emergency treatment. She is very pretty so I bought her even with the glue head. It is Briar Beauty Legacy Day. Poor Briar, she seems to suffer from bad cases of glue seepage. I will post a photograph later. I will try to go to another car boot sale tomorrow if I manage to get up early enough. I did not see many dolls at all this time. I saw Venus Music Festival. She had no shoes, only her mini dress. I have her already so I left her. Shame, she is glue free (lol) yes, I squeeze heads even if I don't buy the dolls!! Mine is glue free too but I saw some of her dolls with glue heads "sigh",,, always squeeze the heads!!!... She is so cute.

I love tarot and I have several decks too! Toralei is sitting on a tarot tin box and some of my decks are stored in it.

I know which Toralei doll you have, I saw her in the pictures of your doll collection. It is the signature. She is gorgeous. I have her too but unboxed. I bought her second hand in France from a lovely lady. She was in perfect condition, only displayed. I met the person to collect the doll and when I first saw how Toralei was fabulous, I was amazed! And her outfit is fantastic, so Rock'n'

I hope I will have the courage to get up early for the carboot.

I hope you will find something you like.

Have a great day.

Take care

Hi Tula,

Happy Mon :)  I am cheering for you rescuing a EAH Briar..thanks for the tip about squeezing the doll heads..I had not heard that before. Appreciate the tip :) 

I also have several decks and my friends ask me to do readings for them and so far, thanks to the cards, all readings have been 100% accurate. I have found most of my decks, brand new & donated to thrift stores..

We went to an Electronic's store that carries MH dolls & shopkins/Descendants and they had the Draculaura day to night fashion. Love her Umbrella !! Did not find anything I wanted though..Might go back to another DD's Discounts this week to see if any new shipments came in.

Have a Great Week & Happy Shopping Hugs,


So I managed to go to the other car boot sale on Monday. It was a good idea as I have found Signature Lagoona! I was really surprised to find that doll.

So this is what I have found. Briar and the Zelf on Sunday, Lagoona and Rochelle's Earrings on Monday. Both dolls were £1 each. The Zelf was...5 pence! lol People ask generally 50 pence for Zelfs. The earrings were also 5 pence (not on the picture, too small).

I can't resist to post a picture of my Zelfs collection. All of them have been found in car boot sales and all of them have cost 50 pence (except for the small green one) lol

It looks like I am 6 years old looking at this photograph! But who cares! LOL

About the tarots, I used to read them quite well, especially when using the Marseille tarot. Now, I am really out of practice and I have not done a proper tarot reading for ages.

One of my favourite deck is the Aleister Crowley tarot deck. I love the illustrations, so beautiful. I find this tarot very difficult to use for readings. It requires a lot of practice.

I will go back to the tarots when my life will have improved lol Yes, it will. Then I will have more time to practise.

I am very pleased with my car boot sales finds. I did not buy too many things. On Monday, I saw quite a few MH. I saw roller Maze Ghoulia. Luckily, the seller wanted £4 and I have that doll already so I left her. If she would have asked for £1, it would have been impossible to resist. And one more double

I really hope you will find the EAH dolls you are looking for. I can't wait for your new finds.

Have a great day!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs !! O My Goodness..I love your photos !! Awesome dolls & Zeifs and at what a fabulous price too, I had never heard of Zeifs before..sooo cute..I love finding treasures and when they are at such a fab price, it is even cooler :)  Your way of displaying your treasures is soo much like mine :) If that love of toys makes us 6 yrs old..then call me a toddler too :)

Your Crowley deck sounds gorgeous..I googled an image of one set by him ..

My latest find is Izzy the Lady Bug Beanie Boo above..Such a cutie & great price too..Checked the shelves at wal mart & the same budget Lines of MH are there & Shopkins stuff is selling out too..Toys R Us just announced they are going to 30=50% this week..

Happy Thurs Shopping Hugs,


Oh! another adorable beanie Boo! I have seen them in a toy shop on Monday after the car boot sale. I am NOT going near them! No! lol They are too dangerous...I don't want to end up with as many Boo's as the Zelfs! Some of my toys are displayed temporarily on cardboard boxes. My first Zelf was Dandy lion. He is the first one near Frankie on the picture...and look at me now! lol I only buy them from car boot sales, it is the rule of the game...

It would be great to see pictures of your Boo's collection... I love to look at people's collections. I find it quite enjoyable.

Yes, the Aleister Crowley tarot deck is gorgeous but unfortunately I find it really difficult to use. The symbolism is complicated and requires a lot of practice. The cards are quite big. It is fantastic to look at but not easy to handle. The deck exists in two versions. The original big size and a smaller size deck. Of course, the illustrations on the smaller pack don't look as impressive. I ended up with 2 decks, the big one because it is how it should be and the smaller one to learn the cards because I could not handle the big cards very well. At the moment, I don't use tarots at all, too many problems in my life. I will go back to it in the future, of course. I still use my pendulum if I need a bit of help... ;-)

Which tarot pack do you use the most? And which one is your favourite?

I am curious, as usual!

Enjoy the TRU's discounts! Lucky to still have a TRU's.

Have a great day!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Sunday :)  Thank you for your kind words over my Izzy..My Boo's are spread out all over the house ..It started with one and grew to many more..They are on my desk, in the living room, my room, the office,,everywhere..LOL..

My Maddie arrived today and she is gorgeous..I tried to find the Raven one but she is not to be I said, I think with that one it was a prototype and never went beyond that phase..The box is mint/perfect condition from amazon.She arrived with my Guy's Lego set & my latest Shopkins..Now the Kitchen & living room sets are completed..Hoorah !!

I lost count of my Tarot decks but I think I am 4-6 different sets..My fav is the one I always use..."The Secret Tarot" By Jane Lyle..Great set indeed..Btw, I also have 2 Ouija boards..Have you ever used one ?

Have a Great Sun & Happy Shopping Hugs,


Madeline is lovely. She has one of the older beautiful face molds. You know that I don't like the smiling new faces...

You make me laugh, I did not know you were also collecting Shopkins. These sets are so cute. I only have 2 shoppie dolls both from car boot sales. One has no shoes but I liked her too much so I took her home with no shoes. And I also have 2 Shopkins funkos. That's about it for Shopkins. It's a very tiny collection.

I went to another car boot sale today. This one is not good for toys but it was raining all day yesterday so I thought it was better not to go to the other one in the field (you know, mud! lol). I have found FCA Elissabat new in box today. She was £5, not a bad deal. I did not have this Elissabat so... I was quite pleased to find a doll.

After this, I am nor sure when I will be able to go to another car boot sale. I have an intensive job coming. It will last 2 months so not sure if I can go to one before mid-July. I'll see how it goes.

I saw the Boo's in a book shop on Saturday. I went near them, yes! I saw your lady bug, your little dragon too. He is so sweet. I even handled them all...danger! There was an adorable pink owl too. But no! They are not very cheap so I could resist! lol

I did not know what Ouija boards were. I went to check on line. Interesting! I will investigate further. Obviously, I have never used one. I have just discovered them today!

Have a great week...look for the adorable pink might like her...

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Mon :) How are you doing ? Congrats on your  new Elissabat..I love that doll..I think I have a couple different versions of her.. I am glad I could introduce you to Ouija Boards..Glad you saw our Boo's in a store. I think I have seen pink Owl. They are just to cute !! I have seen a new pink Bear that I like..and a new dragon too..

I am glad you like Maddie's face,,Truly lovely doll..I am glad I found her on amazon. You have Shopkins too ? I stayed with just the Kitty Kitchen set & dining room...also have Europe travel set & the Puppy Patio..They are sooo cute & also addictive.

Good luck on the new job too !

Happy Mon & Shopping Hugs,


Thanks for the well wishes for the job. Actually, it is not new at all. It is my old job. It used to come back for 2 months each year after it ended but it did not happen for the past two years so I am very surprised to see it turning up out the blue. It is quite exhausting and demanding so I am not sure if I should laugh or cry! lol At the same time some money will be welcome... I'll see.

Here are some pictures of Elissabat and of the little tiny cat I have found yesterday. He is so tiny, I forgot him in my bag! He was only 20 pence. Perfect price for me...I really love to find cheap stuff, it makes my day!

Poor little cat, he is so small, he is totally out of focus! He is so cute.

I have another Elissabat doll, Ghouls getaway. She is really pretty. I never bought the FCA dolls at the time because I was in my "glue rebellion" phase! The only one I have is Cleo because she was glue free, and it is Cleo.... It is a good thing in a way, I can find them now. If I find them second hand, I don't feel ripped off! Last summer, I have found Viperine in perfect condition for only £1. I absolutely love her.

My Shopkins collection is tiny. I'm not sure you can call it a collection. I hope I will find more Shoppies dolls in the future. I especially like the one with the green hair.

I will investigate your tarot pack. It looks lovely. There are other decks I really like but I don't remember exactly their names. I have to look for them in my mess! I know I have the tarot of the cat people by Karen kuykendall. It is a great deck. The tarot I used for readings the most was the Marseille one.

I wish you a great week!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Tues...Love the photos :) The Kitty is sooooooooooo adorable..I have the same Elissabat and I think I found her Ghouls Getaway one at a thrift store for about 3.00 boxed and have this Elissabat that my Guy found in Wal mart & brought her to the cart and said "She is yours...3.50 " :) ( Ghoul Fair Elissabat )

Best O Luck at your new position at your job..I am sure you will do a great job :)

Like you I love to find bargains & great deals..I had been searching for books by a Lady who starred in a Tv show..(she is well loved & prices can get up there ) Audible books offered me 2 free audio books with a trial of their service for free 30 days..I chose 2 of her books because she narrated them. I tracked down another of her books and my library is importing it from a library about 50 miles away from Us and only need to track down the last book..( watching ebay & amazon )

Have an awesome day...

Happy Shopping Hugs,


PS: Found this link on You Tube..I have been here and to a lot of the Mattel Toy store outlets..Love this place..

Hi Maureen,

I am glad you have found books you wanted for free. I know you are like me and love bargains! lol

Elissabat will get out of her box when I will have more time. For the moment, she will remain a prisoner. She is displayed in her box. I rarely do that but it is the first time I have found a boxed MH from a car boot sale.

I have only been to one Mattel outlet, the one in Paris. I have bought a few dolls there. It is not as big as the one in the Youtube video. It is still quite nice to have one I could go to. I have never heard of a Mattel outlet in London.

Because of you, my interest in tarots has been revived! lol I will look for all my decks and put them all in the same place. I will re-organise everything. I was doing a clear out and everything now is a mess. This is why Toralei was standing on that tarot box. The box was just there because of the mess I made trying to clear out... I have a few Celtic oracles I love. The mythic tarot I really love too. My first deck was the Aleister Crowley Toth Tarot. Then a friend of mine gave me her Marseille pack. It is a very nice edition of the Marseille deck. Then I fell in love with the tarot of the Cat People. It was love at first sight so a friend of mine offered it to me. My fourth one was the Golden Dawn deck because of Aleister Crowley, you know... This is how I started years ago. They were my first decks. Through the years, I have collected some more.

This job is only for 2 months, thanks God! I have done it long enough in the past. I don't think I could do it for much longer than 2 bloody months! lol It is just strange it is happening out of the blue. I thought I was 100% done with it! At least, I will have some money. I really need to find a job I like soon.

Have an awesome day too!

Take care


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