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Hello All,

Happy weekend :) My Guy took me Birthday Shopping with money he gifted me with and we'd been to DD Discounts a couple weeks ago & they had some shopkins and one Lagoona doll for $3.99. Today we got there and I was so happy..I yelled out "Hon, Ever after High doll " He laughed and said "There you go." It was Kitty for $5.99 and then a little bit over was Meeshell also for $5.99. After that we found the Mega Construx Fear Squad of 3 figures for $3.99. The last item we found was the Shopkins set for $5.99 It is the Japan Travel set. 

We next went to TRU and the shelves are packed..Sales are now at 20% ..Lego is at 10% and some other toys are between 30-50%..(No name brand names ones though ) There are plenty of Barbies, Descendants , Monster High dolls & Shopkins too.

Our last stop after a Great meal at The Habit..was Goodwill..There we found Bonita Femur on the toy shelf and I carried her around the store and the nice gal at the register said she was $2.99 so my Guy bought her for me. (He also bought the Shopkins Japan set at DD's )

Happy Shopping Hugss,


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Hi Maureen,

Happy Birthday!

Lovely Birthday presents! I like the megablocks. I only have the Spectra Ghostly Gossip playset and a few of the different characters. I bet you are happy with your Ever After High dolls! I have Bonita too, I also bought her second hand. She is lovely, not 100% sure about her wings (I never dared to remove them lol)

I have a few questions for you! When you buy dolls in boxes, I understood that you don't take them out of the boxes unless the box is damaged. So where do you put them? Do you display them in boxes or do you store them? If you store them, where do you store them and do you put them in cardboard boxes? Also, do you display the dolls that are out of boxes or do you store them (or some of them)? Where do you display them and how do you store them? I am curious as I have a lot of my dolls in boxes and it is really not ideal. I also worry for them being stored (they are in my room but even so) so I wonder how people store their dolls.

Have a great Sunday evening!

Take care

I meant my dolls are out of box but stored in boxes... I also have some stored still boxed but not that many. I worry, I don't want them to be damaged. They are wrapped in acid free tissue paper but I am not sure it is enough protection. I am a bit overwhelmed by too many dolls...Not good and it is difficult to access them easily. I will have to write on a label who is in what box! I can't display them all at the moment unfortunately.

Have a good evening or day depending on the time you read this! lol

Take care

Hello Tula,

Happy Tues :) Thank you for your messages & Birthday Greetings. Oh you know I was jumping up/down in excitement over finding the EAH dolls. I will keep checking back to see if they add more to their stock. To answer your questions I do keep my new unopened boxes in boxes with some on display. My opened dolls are on display and some of them are carefully packed in boxes. My guy is a collector too and he stores his unopened or opened boxes in boxes and it keeps them safe from sun damage and unless your home is suddenly flooded the dolls will be safe in boxes...If you home does flood you can dry off the dolls unboxed and the boxed ones might have to be deboxed to save them.  I display my boxed dolls in their boxes. I have shelves, bookcases etc to put them on..

My Guy put them in boxes in our storage and up on high so I can not easily access them either..I used to keep them in my room and in boxes but as we collected more we ran out of room. ..My Guy did what you are going to do put labels on the boxes so we know what we have. 

Happy Tues Evening/Wed To Be Hugs,


Thank you for your reply about the storage of your dolls. Do you store them in cardboard boxes or plastic boxes? Do you wrap them in something when they are unboxed?

I don't like to have so many dolls stored. They are in my room but I would prefer to have them all on display. Too many dolls on display can really look awful! And too many dolls means I don't enjoy them as much as I should. I will reorganise everything and put labels at least.

I really don't know how this many MH dolls. lol

At least, I don't have a lot of EAH and it is so much better! But too many older Bratz...not as many as MH luckily but still too many. "sigh"

Also I have noticed with absolute horror that the bloody glue in their heads stains the vinyl on some dolls at the beginning of the hairline if they are left "untreated". It happens especially with the green and blue coloured dolls (Frankie and Abbey to name the victims). So having the dolls stored means I can't check the glue seepage carefully. This is awful. Somehow, it does not seem to stain Clawdeen or Cleo. My first wave Clawdeen is leaking so badly, I never had the courage to deal with it and left her like this for years. Poor Clawdeen! It is the first one with the elastics and the human hands so she is quite old but no staining. And the seepage is only noticeable if I lift her hair but when I do, oh Hell! I will have to do it, oh joy, deal with the bloody glue.

I think I will use the negative thread again to have another glue seepage rant... Be Damned Mattel and so be your evil glue!

Have a great day.

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Wed Night/Thurs Morn..We use both cardboard & plastic storage boxes. My guy packs the boxes and makes sure the dolls are safe, well packed but not covered or wrapped in anything that I know of. I also have not noticed any of the glue seepage ..I will have a peek st mine and let you know.

Picked up these new Beanie Boo's on Tues..I think they'll fit in quite nicely with the others :) LOL.

Happy Thurs Hugs,


Oh! These two are really adorable! I will not be tempted to take one of these, no, no, no, no... lol... It is bad enough to pick Zelfs in car boot sales!

Thanks for your storage tips. Oh God, storage...sigh...

I can't stand the glue so I check extremely carefully and I am really picky. Sometimes, I only notice it if I lift the hair. It does not show otherwise. I saw a video on Youtube of a collector who unboxed two Ever After High dolls in a previous video. They both had glue seepage and were leaking inside the boxes. She was trying different methods to treat the dolls. I had a Lagoona Picture Day leaking inside the box. I was furious when I unboxed her.

I think I minimized the problem by avoiding hard heads when the doll was not so great for me, still I have some victims in my collection. Strangely, some hard heads dolls don't leak yet, Dawn of the Dance and signature Ghoulia for ex...they are quite old and they seem fine. Please, don't leak! Anyway, I have the version of signature Ghoulia without glue, lol, just in case! We are never too careful, especially in Ghoulia's case!

This glue problem really infuriates me. It drives me nuts. I can't stand it. I should calm down but when I see it on my dolls I turn into a manic witch! Grrrrr... AAAAAHHHHHH!

Why did they have to use this glue on MH and EAH dolls? WHY? Couldn't they just ruin Barbies only?! lol

Have a great day with these two lovely beanie Boo's!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy weekend :) Ohhh Hon, You need some Beanie Boo's in your Life !!! I can imagine the glue problem has to be very frustrating for buyers who search for the perfect doll and to end up having to deal with the glue situation would drive anyone mad !!

I am heading out this weekend to check the shelves at other DD Discounts and see if I can find any other EAH dolls :)

Glad you liked the new Boo's !!

Happy Weekend Hugs,


No Beanie Boo's in my life for now! I don't think it is possible to have one only. I don't think I will manage to resist having more if I adopt one. I will probably want my Boo to have a little friend...or two! Not a good option. I am trying to minimize my adopted toys! They are really cute. I love your two last ones a lot.

I am not searching for the perfect doll at all! Most of my collection is second hand. Some of my dolls don't wear their original clothes. I redress them if I find them nude. I am not a wonky eyes obsessed either unless it is terribly obvious. And some (not many, I try to avoid it if I can) of my second hand dolls have minor paint flaws. I am definitely not a collector searching for perfection. The glue is another matter. It ruins the dolls and it is disgusting. It also stains some of the dolls. It is just gross. I also can't see why I should spend so much time fixing something that should not be there in the first place. I have some old Barbies from the 80's and 90's bought second hand, none of them have any hair problems. Most of my Bratz have been bought second hand too and none of them have hair issues. I have other second hand dolls and none of them are leaking glue. I also feel horribly ripped off when I buy a new doll leaking inside her box. And I really can't stand to have a doll with sticky greasy hair I cannot brush or handle without sticky residues staying on my fingers. Yuck!

My worst glue seepage nightmare was signature Briar Beauty. I bought her in a vide grenier in France. I noticed the terrible glue seepage but she was so pretty and otherwise in great condition...I took her home. It took me a lot of efforts to get rid of the glue, several treatments. She has tons of hair, it did not help. It was worth it, she is gorgeous. I really like that doll. But Hell, I have never seen a so terrible glue disaster on any other doll. She has not been played with a lot, she had her glasses still attached and all the accessories except for the ring so why was she in that state? Mattel are crooks. They use the glue to save money but they have no respect for their customers and their products. What is the point of producing a beautiful doll like this one if it is to fill her head with crap glue knowing perfectly well it will leak and ruin the doll eventually?

Well, it was another glue rant...I should have used the negative thread! lol

I am going to a car boot sale this Sunday. I'm hoping to find some shoes, clothes and accessories for my Monsters. And maybe a EAH or Bratz...

I hope you will find more EAH dolls in DD Discounts. You are lucky to still find them in shops.

Have a great week-end!

Take care

Hi Tula,

Happy weekend :)  I hope you have a great shopping experience this weekend :) We went to a couple thrift stores & another DD Discounts and finished up at my fav drive in eatery, Sonic..(Sis sent me gift cards to eat there ) and it was an awesome day !!

When I said perfect..I meant finding the exact doll you were hoping to find while out shopping or ones like the EAH ones that caught me by surprise. I know no item will ever be 100 % perfect..(My Guy likes his Lego boxes to be pristine & not banged up ) But to find the best/perfect doll while shopping is an awesome find.

I can totally understand the glue seepage mess..Mattel should have done better by its loyal customers. For all that all of Us have spent over the years to buy them in the stores or track them down via amazon, ebay or flea markets, thrift stores or last resort secondary sellers..WE all deserved better. Perhaps if the glue thread is buried you can start a 2018 version and see if anyone has any other ideas on how to work around the glue issue.

Thank you for your kind words over My Boo's..I do love these little things and they are all over the house..LOL..My desk I am typing at right now is covered in them...I am glad you like them :)

Had a great time shopping and started out a thrift store where I found some books for .39 cents each !!  (One is a BIG hardcover book on Hollywood 100 yrs ) and found a broken Frankie naked..No forearms..a naked Draculaura ..but the one I picked was a Cleo, fully dressed..I was not sure what she was from..turns out she is part of the Mad Science Home Ick set that also held Ghoulia ( she was nowhere to be found..) Took Cleo to the desk and the lady sold Cleo to me for 50% marked price..( 1.50 total ) Then we tried a second Thrift store and almost bought a 2 doll set of Briar Rose & Spectra Haunted...but Briar was badly damaged so I left them..dropped my Monster high sun glasses in toy section and had to go back and find them and we did !!!

Last stop before dinner was DD's Discounts and HUGE toy section but alas no EAH dolls..but I scored a Shopkins set for 7.99 ( the same set was in my amazon cart for 13.49 !!! ) and a Shopkins Europe set..DD's does carry MH and they had a Draculaura mini set for 5.99...and Lagoona/Frankie comic book dress for 3.99 and even Boo York dolls are there  now..

All in all a Fab day and great meal at Sonic courtesy of my Sis :)

Happy Weekend Hugs & Hope you find some new Treasures this weekend :)



Great finds! The small Shoppie doll is cute. I know how much you love books...

I like this Cleo, well, all the Cleos really! I like the snake necklace, so lovely and she looks great in this colour. I have the two mad science dolls (of course, I have a soft spot for does not mean I have all the Ghoulias ever made in my collection...)

To close the glue rant subject, the only way to deal with it properly is to re-root the dolls. It is unfortunately not an easy option for me and it is really costly to buy hair. So far, I had great and long lasting results with talcum powder. It is not ideal but it is better than the sticky yucky hair. The other option is to squeeze heads and buy glue heads only when the dolls are spectacular or if they don't have a glue free version. It has worked quite well for me. Yes, the strange thing is a lot of the dolls made in China have a version with and without glue! I suppose Matel must have a factory still using the old rooting method. I investigated the glue carefully... I do that with everything anyway! lol

I went to a different area to buy some essential oils in a specific shop and had a look in the charity shops there. And who did I find? This sexy Kitty! She had her dress but no shoes and no tail. She is now wearing the cat CAM shoes and I used the tale of the Toralei without arms that somebody kindly gave to me in the last car boot sale. Very pleased with her. I love her. She is adorable. I have that doll already unboxed (luckily, I generally unbox everybody but I am delayed! lol) but they look quite different. The way their stripes are painted on their faces is totally different. I love the blue in her hair, so pretty.

I hope i will find something in the next car bot sale.

Good luck with the EAH dolls you are looking for. You were lucky to find some before. Here in the UK, there are no more EAH in shops at all, same applies to MH unless they appear randomly in discounts stores.

Have a great week-end!

Take care

I meant tail not tale! lol the Toralei tale is telling me that I love this kitty! lol She needs some bracelets or something. I will try to find some suitable accessories for her.

I am back! I meant I have this doll boxed! I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't send an email without making a mistake somewhere! So it is lucky I did not unbox her and as I said the stripes on her face are more prominent on the one still in box. It give them different personalities. I think I will keep the other one boxed. I like the box and I don't have many boxed dolls. I like Toralei. She is a proper cat with stripes and green eyes. I only have this one, the signature, the sport one and coffin bean (with no clothes, arms and now...tail!! poor thing. I don't know how long it will take me to find arms for her. She can live without a tail... but no arms...ooops!)

Well, I am delighted with my cat. And she was a bargain!

Have a great week-end. I hope we will both find something we like. ;-)

Take care


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