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I would like to see Catwoman being my over all favorite DC girl. But Katana, Hawkgirl and Cheetah would be nice too. Also love Miss Martian. Honestly I want them all. lol

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I am dying for Starfire, Katana and Catwoman!
My favorites have always been Supergirl and Starfire ever since I was a kid!  I NEED STARFIRE!

the selfish part of me wants to see legionaires, as i'm a huge LOSH fan heheh. Phantom girl, saturn girl, shadow lass... triplicate girl.

Hell.. I just want Legion dollies damnit. I'll take anything I can customise into them heh.

I'd really like to see XS again, she was shoved into the new 52 continuity but they never seemed to do anything with her which was disappointing as I liked her. She's cute and you know... a girl speedster, what's not to like? If you wanna have a flash for this line, she's perfect!

Honestly i'd like to see more actual teen characters rather than youthed adults, it feels.. weird having Wonderwoman and Catwoman etc at school with characters 20 years their junior in main continuity, it just.. it messes with my head.

Well, my girl isn't pictured.  Apparently, she doesn't even attend Super Hero High ... but my all-time favorite DC gal is Black Canary.


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