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I would like to see Catwoman being my over all favorite DC girl. But Katana, Hawkgirl and Cheetah would be nice too. Also love Miss Martian. Honestly I want them all. lol

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Starfire for sure, and hopefully one day Raven too =D

Same here! :D

I want the teen titans... so starfire, raven, give us a bit of beast boy too.

Star Saphire is wearing way too many clothes to be a star saphire ... just... saying.

I mean... she doesn't just have a dress, she has long sleeves and leggings too! I'm kinda amused, it's like they looked at the star saphire stripper outfits and went "ok, how much clothing can we stick on this doll?"

I'm surprised she's not also wearing a dufflecoat and gloves!  hahahaha love it.

Last girl.. might be Talia? Not sure. Honestly some of these are fairly obscure.

Do love cat woman's purple hair though, I hope it's short.

Raven of course being my first choice for so many obvious reasons, Star Sapphire being another, I too would like to see boys in this line, I think it could happen at some point maybe next year possibly, also Mera and catwoman would be nice.

Im not as familiar with DC as I am with Marvel (mostly due to X-men). But I did love the first Teen Titans tv series so Id love Starfire and Raven. And Catwoman. Id like to try sticking to Bat family characters as thats the DC Im most familiar with. That icey looking girl looks pretty cool though.

Btw, does anyone know who the Asian girl is at the end of the line on the right? I collected comic books for over twenty years but I have to confess that I have no idea who that is supposed to be. Maybe I just don't remember because I've been out of the scene for over ten years now.

I think her name is Katana and Im not very familiar with her either, but I cannot stop seeing her as Mulan, lol! Like Mulan got sick of the Disney princesses and jumped ship to a doll line better suited to her, lol.

LOL No Katana is the first Asian girl in the line with the gray and black suit and red in her hair. The one at the end is a misery as of yet. I'm looking though. Maybe Lady Shiva?

oh yeah, I didnt notice she meant at the end of the line. Yeah not sure who that is, maybe Talia al Ghul?

who's the chick in all pink?

I thought she was a very girly looking Raven at first. I hope not. :P

She's a star sapphire, she's gotta be. She has the "magical girl" headband. She is however wearing way too many clothes to be a star sapphire as they're usually wearing little more than a bikini... unless they're male, then they get full clothing because DC are sexist and didn't agree that it was amusing to have male ones in budgie smugglers. Ahem.

Yeah she is, she's Hal's gf Carol to be exact =)

I really want them to make a Starfire doll, and I wouldn't mind Beast Boy too(: And hopefully Raven will make an appearance here at some point, I love her so much. I love the teen titans in general lmao (But not TTG... just no)


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