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I recently sold many of my old dolls, still in boxes, on eBay, one of which was a Toralei basic. Someone messaged me asking about a date on the bottom of the box. I'll admit, I haven't kept up with Monster High news since my daughter and I both lost interest, but does anyone know what date he/she meant and the significance of it? All I found was the copyright date of 2011.

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Did Toralei even get a rerelease? I don't believe she did. which is why she's so valuable to collectors. She may have been in two assortments but they'd have been the same year, thinking back I don't recall seeing her more than the once.

I'd assume the buyer knows what the date means and just reply saying "it says Mattel blah blah bah 2011" and let them make their call based on that.


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