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Ugh! What has Mattel done? New release, male doll and his pants and shoes are molded on. My daughter almost doesn't want him and she collects the signature of each character.

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I haven't seen this yet but it doesn't sound good :(

they slapped all their fans in the face because they think "hurrr, this'll sell no matter how little effort we put in because kids are stupid and parents are stupid and they'll just give us money for crapping out anything we want.

He's just a freaking insulting doll. His legs aren't even jointed ffs. It's unforgivable and I refuse to believe a pant leg sculpt was cheaper than just sewing a damn pair of pants.

yeah Ive seen the pics online... pretty bad. And he was one of the more wanted male dolls. Im worried of what theyll do with Sparrow Hood now(if they ever bother to make him). :(

Yeah i guess so
That's just crazy talk! Don't you know little girls hate boy dolls? Why on earth would they want a boyfriend/prince for their girls?!

*Snark, snark*
This is her current collection. Her sister told her if she sticks him in the back row she won't have to see how bad it is


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