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Here's the link, I just put an order in.

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Just ordered 2 of the Howleen dolls. Hope they ship the right ones! Guess if not I can return them.

They actually have different assortment numbers so you should. 

how the heck did you find that??

find what?

I searched all over the website and couldn't find the dance class. Typing it into the search bar on the website pulls up nothing. Did you google it? Hoowwwwwwwwww

 is lagoona the only one that was found


I didn't even find that one. I only know Lagoona is there because of the link. I can't find Howleen at all.


Thanks a bunch

I got one of each. TRU sent me an email today saying they were available. Glad everyone was able to get them!

I got one of each and they all said IN STOCK! STOKED!!!!


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