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I think this will be the best selling 5 pack to date.

I can not WAIT!!  Do you all think this will be at Target in the U.S.?

That Rochelle is gorgeous! Love the blue eyeshadow! Too bad I'm only collecting Lagoona, Gil, Cleo and Deuce.

May I ask what Gil's "sigil" is? Like Rochelle has her fleur de lis or Oppy has the mask? I can't tell...

It's a fishbone

Squealed super loud!  I am getting this set for one thing: ROCHELLE!  She's my favorite and the doll is PRECIOUS!

Who wants to bet that we're not getting stands with this set?!
Le sigh, I'm running out of stands over here!

This set probably will come with stands. GB did.
I love this Rochelle but I'm praying one with decent hair won't be impossible to find, unlike our ghoul Skelita.

My OCD is screaming about Gil not being in the center.
Target Exclusive?
Gloom Beach did come with stands. As did Dawn of the Dance 3 pack. Skull Shores, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Skultimate Roller Maze did not come with stands.

it's  kind of random  for him to be in the pack, maybe Invisibilly they're still planning to release as a basic.


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