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Custom Monster High Items for sale. Will also trade for the items I've listed inside

I have been having a lot of fun making custom monster high accessories and wearable items.  Here are some images of some of the things I have for sale.  Please contact me if you would like to buy something. I am also willing to give deals if you order more than one item.  The more items you purchase the bigger the discount I can give.  Prices below do not include shipping.  I combine shipping costs though. :-)

Items I have for sale:

$12 Gargoyle Boy Hair

$12 Vampire Boy Hair

$10 Green Merman Mask

$10 Blue Merman Mask

$10 Bat Mask

$10 Red Demon/Vampire King Mask

$10 Gargoyle Mask

$12 Vampire Blood Red Female Armor

$12 Midnight Black Female Armor

$12 Gold Female Armor

$12 Gray Gargoyle Armor

$12 Blood Red Vampire Crown Helmet

$12 Gold Crown Helmet

$12 Black Midnight Crown Helmet

$12 Teal Green Crown Helmet

$12 Vampire Red Male Armor (also fits females)

$12 Black and Pink Male Armor (also fits females)

$12 Gargoyle Gray Male Armor (also fits females)

$12 Yellow Merman Male Armor (also fits females)

I am also willing to trade these items for some of the dolls I'm looking for:

Swim Class Holt Hyde

Gargoyle/Vampire boy 2pack


Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen

Gil Weber


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are all of the pictures showing up?  a few a linked from facebook.  There should be  total

These are amazing? What are they made of??

Oh and I see 5 photo boxes with a few photos in each if that helps? :)

Yes it does, ok so the photos all worked yay!  They are actually made of hard plastic and then handpainted and sealed so that they can be lightly to - medium played with. :-) Glad you like them 

Glad I could help :)

They do look fantastic, I will definitely be keeping these in mind for my next doll design!
Cool let me know. I can give a good discount for multiple items


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