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Since I didn't have any luck getting passes to SDCC I had to find some way to fill that void, so I created these 3 MH Comic Con buddies.  Thought I'd share photos of SpiderDeuce, CAMtain America, and monsTHOR.  Lots of cut/sew work went into the outfits to fit their bodies. I'll either keep them on display with Deadfast Ghoulia and the other Power Ghouls, or look to sell/trade them perhaps.  For now, we'll all sulk about not going to SDCC this year!

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Oh my goodness. They're adorable!!
Those are pretty awesome! Lol love how you brought Marvel into MH. Amazing work! :)

I love them! Great job! I wish I could sew! My honey is in the process of making me a Ms Marvel custom but we're not sure if it'll be on the MH platform or the kidrobot Munny/Dunny one. 

Oh my! Those are awesome! Great job!


So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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