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First, I want to say sorry about my grammar mistakes. I know, my English is not good but I try to improove my skills.

I started this thread, because I want to share my custom dolls with you:) I will update this thread often and I will ask your opinions:)

I like natural looks. I'm always try to make a lady, a young girl or something pretty or/and sexy:)

I like to work with ribbons and lace. These are my favourite materials, but I don't use them all the time.

So, here is some picture about my finished Monster High & Ever After High dolls: 



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I just finished my new custom doll:)
She is Howleen.

I like how you did Elsa's dress.  Do you sew your own clothes?


Yes, I sew my doll's clothes too:)


Thank you!:)

I finished my second clown girl. I made this girl for Beverly:)

Incredible ,absolutely admire everyone's talent custom dolls Talent is amazing

can I just say that not only are they beautiful, i really love your natural color choices! lots of browns & peaches!

Thak you very much mechagirl!:)

I have a new custom doll and I'm working on my next doll already:)

My next doll will be an angel.... ():)

Anyway.... Here is Lola! 

Lola is a sexy, motorcycle rider! She was just Operetta before, but she has a new life now!!
She likes the roads, the speed & the freedom (+ she is proud of her beautiful and healthy new hair:) ).


I finished my new custom doll. She is a Golden Angel.
She was Rochelle Goyle before.

Her new home is in the Heaven. She has a lot of friends there:)

Her favorite thing is the rainbow. She spends hours by looking for a perfect rainbow.

Wow. You finish quick but they look good. How do you do that without making them look rushed? It's amazing. I really like Lola.

I worked on my clown doll before I started customize Howleen. This is why I finished them almost simultaneously:)

It's true that I finished my last two doll quick:) I worked on these girls (Lola & Golden Angel) all day long (seriuosly! - from morning till night). I don't have any other occupation and I think this is why I finished them so quick. 
I'm glad that you like my customs, because I'm making them with all of my love <3

Thank you!


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