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I need some help.

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I just started my MH doll collection and I want to try making custom dolls.

You need to be more specific in what you need help with.

I don't know how to make a custom doll.

First of all, this was in the wrong category. I moved it to 'Doll Care and Mods' so a customizing expert could help.
Here's my advice on the topic:
Go to Google and look up a tutorial.

I did but nothing.

Do you have an OC you want to make? Or some
idea what kind of custom you want to do? Do you just want to repaint the face? Reroot? Mod an entire doll?
We can only offer advice if we know what type of customizing you want to do :)

Yes i have a lot of OC's. I want to do the whole doll from head to claw.

I want to do the whole doll.

My suggestion for the first thing to do is read tutorials. There are lots of good onesIin the Doll mid section here. You will also find alot if you google monster high customs. Also good is finding dolls in the style you like and researching the technigues used. Most of the great ones will list if she used acrylics or pastels etc in the doll descriptions or you can ask. You need to do research first because no one can tell you how to make a doll until you have decided if you want reroot with saran or mohair or if you want to only use pastels or pastels and paint. It's an individual preference and everyone is different. Once you know what styles and techniques are out there you can ask specific questions and the custom masters here will be able to help.

I will try


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