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Okay I have decide to make customs of these characters:

I have found a Liv set with two awesome wigs for Luna and Elpie, awesome shoes for Elpie, and a guitar for Luna. Sadie has to be retooted since no one can match her awesome hair. I need Help deciding her hair shade. I'm holding a vote to decide that though.





Option 1: Sugarpulm  

 Option 2: Sour Grapes

  Option 3: Amethyst

Option 4: Mulberry Crush                      

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um its Elphie not elpie ive read the book.i may have this wrong but im almost sure the nicknames elphie.
2 with number 4 for maybe highlights?
Option 2:Sour grapes is my favorite color of purple.
 You should do Amethyest.Its a beautiful color. If its a beautiful color,that means a beautiful doll!
Blending Amethyst and Sour Grapes would be pretty.


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