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Okay I have decide to make customs of these characters:

I have found a Liv set with two awesome wigs for Luna and Elpie, awesome shoes for Elpie, and a guitar for Luna. Sadie has to be retooted since no one can match her awesome hair. I need Help deciding her hair shade. I'm holding a vote to decide that though.





Option 1: Sugarpulm  

 Option 2: Sour Grapes

  Option 3: Amethyst

Option 4: Mulberry Crush                      

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sour grapes!!!!!!

I like Sour Grapes


I say you should  do highlights, like Mulberry Crush and sour grapes, It would give her a colorful look :)
sour grapes
amethyest looks the best it looks just like the picture
but in most of the other drawings, sour grapes matches

Crystall Agnew said:
amethyest looks the best it looks just like the picture
Sour grapes. You should  use Frankie for Elpie.
Thanks. What is Elpie suposed to be?
Wicked Witch of the West's daughter.

Danielle Devil said:
Thanks. What is Elpie suposed to be?

I will use Frankie for Elpie, but who for Sadie? I think Spectra. I still plan to reroot since the hair might be off and I don't want a messy cut. MHScreamQueen has announced that she is making painting tutorials so the eye painting one for Spectra will be super helpful if I use her. Does anything Sadie with a Spectra doll is a good idea?


Also the hair color is officially Sour Grapes, but I was told Sour Grapes with Amethyst highlights might be a good idea so I might buy a little of Amethyst too.

cool. cant wait to see the dolls, sadie! :D

Draculaura with pale NOT pink skin will. I might buy the basic for her since there's so much stuff that works for her and other characters. If the do discontinue the basic line I'll get Gloom Beach, but I don't know about how the hair feels so I might waste my money with rerooting that too. To get Luna's hair right I'd either dye it all black in fabric dye (if it's made out of nylon it will work) then dye the bottom red, if I use Draculaura's hair. If I buy the hair I will just dye the bottom red.


Sadie will be Spectra with a paint job on the eyes and transparent parts. I will be likely to buy hair for her if the hair cut is an epic fail (trying to save as much money as possible). I need help finding good shows for Sadie (she tends to wear boots and I can't find good boots for her) and I'll possible sew her outfit, and use my Lagoona's necklace for her peace sign one which there's no way I can make that. 


Elpie will be any Frankie doll with a darker shade of green paint. I might buy her black curly hair since she curls it sometimes (didn't know that did you), but I don't know what to expect, the seller said it comes with a lot of hair, a whole 1 ounce of hair. I might just go with dying Frankie hair black and using wax or gel to give it bits of her touches (similar to Spectra's animation hair). As for clothes I'll sew those too and the reason why I want basic Draculaura is that her shoes cut are perfect for Elpie (with black paint too). 

Also Sour Grapes is described as: A vibrant violet purple. And Amethyst is described as: A dark lavender. I want to know if my school has an art class where these can count as a grade or extra credit, then there's not just my amusement coming out of this.   


Breanna Beetlejuice & Company said:

Sour Grapes and Amethyst together sounds great! Personally since Frankie is Elpie and Spectra is Sadie, who will be Luna?


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