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She says she picked'r up. Can't see the pics too well, but eh.

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at ridiculous prices :)...just like the B/W SS THAT I would like to find!!

So far only east coast sightings.

Man, I'm still undecided. Not too keen on her face (I actually like the lip thing, but to me she looks a bit too...."fierce"? I was expecting she'd have a "cute" face. xD), but them detail. Them Details! I love detailed stuff! <3

Aw hell, knowing me I'll end up buying her anyway because of the details alone. xD That, or getting her for my friend since she's been looking forward to Cupid as well. :3

Seen one of the ones listed on Ebay is from my neighborhood of Reading, PA. I guess I'll be looking in the stores tomorrow

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the wings.

Rei Rei said:

her wings kinda look like skeletal wings, don't you think?

Lucky.  They're $32 at Wal Mart in Canada and $36 at TRU
Lillian Gracey said:

I'm guessing $22.97 like the other Sweet 1600 dolls.

cdogg33 said:

she said she got her @ walmart, did anyone catch the price, or did she even give it?

I had no luck with finding Cupid. I'll give stores a call tomorrow morning.

I checked my Wal Mart (Canada) twice today. This morning when I went in I saw a guy holding an S1600 box with pink on it and my heart actually skipped a beat... then I realized it was Draculaura... and they only had 1 Lala and 1 Clawdeen, so that was ok.  I even encouraged him to buy them for his 8 year old because he was standing there looking so confused at what to buy. 
So now my WM is sold out of everything except the Lala/Clawd set.  But I keep refreshing the website to check for stock (even though I don't trust it) and I'll go in tomorrow morning and Saturday morning, since my hubby will be home and I won't have to pack the kids with me.  And I'll be there at open on Boxing Day anyways because I'm crazy like that.  And I'll keep going in every morning until I find Nefera, Operetta, Howleen, and Cupid - then hopefully Mattel will take a break so that I can too!
And if they don't release her in Canada, my mother's friend is going south and has offered to look for her, Howleen, and Holt for me.

I just purchased a Cupid from Walmart in Ohio

Lucky! I need to check out more Wal-Marts here in Ilinois. It seems the Midwest is the big spot for Cupid.

Sarascreams said:

I just purchased a Cupid from Walmart in Ohio

Lucky! So far no sightings in MI, may have to resort to paying extra, not $30 extra but enough
Sarascreams said:

I just purchased a Cupid from Walmart in Ohio
Sorry I forgot to put in my earlier post I found her in a box waiting to be put out there were 5 cupids in the box. I bought 3 one for my daughter and nieces. They rang up at 18.84 each. But having 5 per box should help in getting them. Good luck hunting all. I was so excited When I saw them because I didn't think they were out yet that I jumped up and down. I will be the coolest mom and aunt this Christmas for sure.


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