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A photo of her circulating on the net (can I post it ?) but it's still too early to conclude her future implementation (prototype ? MHlike custom ?).

Anyway, I love Twyla and this version is chewable ^^
Her outfit is simple, girly and classy. Her hair is very colorful, very rock and roll ! I love.

He still has a problem because on the decor we read :
"2013 MATTEL. All Rights Reserved. Tous droits réservés"
2013 ??

Her meal tray is packaged as for Creepateria line, there is a MH logo on the drink and her ice cream is filled with marshmallow ghost. Very real.

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I haven't seen her and can't find any photos of her but wouldnt it mean she'll be released with a couple other new creepateria dolls?

PS : Frostbite323 is a MH customer ... Now i think it's a fake, it's not real. Damage, I found her cool

mmm... suspect this is a custom but if it is, what a jerk for lying.

if it is real, blah.

Wishful thinking? I dunno. I'm almost 90% certain it's a custom because the dress looks hand made and it just doesn't look right, there's no custom fabric pattern for instance.

I think people leap upon anything with a box as "real" because they're well.. I dunno actually. Clearly the trick to getting your customs though of as real is to photograph them with a box background hahaha.
Mocking up boxes in photoshop also works.

This doll is real.  My daughter has her (and Venus)...  She is holding a large cup of hot chocolate with ghost shaped marshmallows in it.  My daughter commented on how much they changed her face, and she's not sure if she likes the change.


We got her at Justice...  We've also seen her at Big Lots, Drug Mart and Walgreens.

that's Coffin Bean twyla.

not Creepateria. This one's a custom.



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