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Holy crap on a cracker! The basics are back! The only basic I need is Clawdeen, so I'll be resuming my hiatus from hunting starting... well.... yesterday really. Lol. I'm actually surprised they're bringing them back. It seems a little unfair to those out there that paid an arm and a leg for them! I was lucky to have just purchased Wave 1 Lagoona for 45.00 through a seller on here, which included shipping. That was the most I ever paid for a doll, and it was a fangtastic price, but I know there Hunters out there who have paid much more just to get the basics. How do you ghouls and monsters feel about the re-release of the Basics?

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Hmm. On closer inspection it seems that Ghoulia, Lala, and Spectra are the only ones re-released with their original outfits. Hmm. Kind of a let down.

I was going to say, that's 2.0 Frankie. I guess I need to sell my extra Lala and Frankie now huh? LOL

I heard of eboni stein. She was the first person to get abbey dt.

I hope they've changed the way they're made now so the stinking legs don't break.

It makes me happy they're getting re-released, since some people still weren't able to get some of the Basic dolls.

Although for me it's kinda weird to see Basic Draculaura in the new-styled box. xD

I'm glad, in a way.

It's tough to drop 50+ (in some cases) for some of the basics and this will hopefully make it easier to get them.

I like a lot of the basics more than the other versions. (Ghoulia, for example.) It'd be nice to see Walmart (or whoever's getting these) actually care about their MH section again. (Around here, anyway. Too many tumbleweeds these days.)

Me too!

I refuse to put back on the original shoes on my basic Draculaura and Clawdeen ever again - everytime I'd try to take them off, I was afraid their legs would break. D:

Jen said:

I hope they've changed the way they're made now so the stinking legs don't break.

I just want lagoona.oh and clawdeen also spectra.oh i foregot toraiel and holt.and frankie for my friend.;D

In a way, annoying because the selfish part of me is all "damn, now my first waves are worth less" lol, but at the same time, nice to see the webisode outfit releases back for those who wanted their default outfits, first diaries and pets.

I wonder if they'll be any different in their screening. 2nd release Abbey has a different screening than first release despite the same outfit so i'm curious.

what do you mean by "screening"?


Does anyone know if Mattel wil rerelease Deuce & Cleo?


Joshsboringlife said:

They've showed up already in Michigan and Ohio.


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