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Crazy request,,,, looking for the cardboard piece that held Clawds pet in the Forbitten set box

I am putting together a Forbitten Love set with Draculaura and Clawd and the only piece missing is the white little cardboard platform that Clawd pet was attached to in the box. You name the price.

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Or a ripped up old box with this piece in it. I'd buy the whole thing
Beuller? Beuller??

I am a MH box hoarder.  LOL  I will check my stash in the morning.  It is 1am here and hubby is asleep.  Will let you know if I find it or not :0)

I have the box In almost perfect condition! Rockseenas , his pet, white cardboard piece is in there! c: Just email me your adress and I'll send it to you! c: No charge cause I dont care for it.
Wow, thanks for looking both of you. I was thinking it was a lost cause. Zakku-Chan, ill hit ya up, thanks.
Well im still looking,,, willin to pay
Please,,,, oh pretty please? anybody out there?

Could you not construct a replacement out of card?

Ive come so close to restoring this set back to perfect "on the shelf condition" after getting parts seperatly over the past months. I dont wanna substitute a made piece for the very last item i need. ill keep it open till i find one. Like a needle in a haystack!
Money,,,,, I'll pay in rubles, chickens feet, dollars of coarse, euros, clams, or any other form of currency. Look inside your hearts people,,,,,, for this cardboard piece! Thanks
Pretty please?


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