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So I talked to the manager at my local Costco and he said that the computer shows that the Coffin Bean set w/both dolls should be arriving in stores during the first week of October and will be $34.99! He said it also shows that there will be a pallet of dolls coming in that will cost $14.99! I wonder which doll(s) it will be :)

I saw that some people on this site have family members that work at Costco, maybe someone can find out ahead of time what doll(s) will be available there.....

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I'd be interested in knowing too.  I'm going to find out here soon if I'm moving to the Twin Cities or not and if I do my friend and I agreed to go half and half on a membership there. :)

I am a Costco member, so I will let you know the first week of October! Plus I will be asking some of the employees when it will be in stock at my store ;)

thanks for the heads up! I was hoping they'd get in another set of dolls (besides the coffin bean). Last year it was the classrooms dolls and I think they were $12.99 each. I would guess it would be something comparable? DDG maybe?

Yay this was news i was waiting to hear!!! thanks so much for the heads up! :D

My dad works there, I can call him and see what he can do :D

Thanks :)

Shirley Holmes said:

My dad works there, I can call him and see what he can do :D


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