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This is a competition for a naming of the three CAM werecats (starter pack, puma, and lab add-on). So the point is to think of a name for the three. Ends on the 8/31/12. I will make new post for winner.

*If there is two or less for a certain one it won''t have a winner. Sorry :(

                                                                         Good Luck!

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That's great! 

Robecca Steam said:

Catrina Hiss? sorry,thats all i can think of ;/

Wait what's the prize?

Caterina Whiskers.

Furronica Purrcy

Everyone keep up the great work! Also at MoNsTeRgIrL♥ I'm going to make a new post saying the winner/s.


Purrrl E.  White

Purrscilla Von Meow

This is going to be such a hard decision! Keep it coming! 

how about......cattherine de m'eow

Kit Tailsman

So many creative ideas! But why barely any boy names?

I know just bearly any.
Robecca Steam said:

Al E. Kat was a boy name

Chase D. Mouse


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