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Hi everyone :)

If you would like the torsos in matching colors for your CAM, I would like to encourage you all to write nice letters to Mattel telling them you would like to be able to get the full body parts to be able to create all the different colored dolls in the CAM sets.

A little background...

I am new here (joined about a week ago). I came looking for a Monster High forum and have been browsing the threads enjoying the content here.

I recently bought the CAM sets for the Vampire/Sea Monster starter and the Skeleton add-on and was very sad about the lack of the torso for the sea monster since she was the one I really wanted to make and the pink body looks ridiculous for her. I contacted Mattel about my frustrations and explained that I love the CAM idea, but the lack of torsos in the right colors limits things greatly and is very disappointing. I was very nice and made sure not to just be a complainer lol I suggested a few ideas that might help fix this issue as well.

This is the reply I received:


We’re so glad you contacted us about your Create A Monster packs.  We realize life is busy and we appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts with us.

Our design and engineering teams put a lot of thought and energy into creating the perfect toy, and your experience concerns us.  We love hearing from our consumers to understand how our products work in the real world.  Our team has passed along your comments to our product development group. 

Because we value your loyalty, we are sending a $30 voucher to use towards your next purchase. The voucher is being mailed and you should have it within 14 business days.

We work hard to exceed consumer expectations, and we thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

Thanks again,
Michael M.
Mattel Consumer Relations Team


Mattel has come through again for me with their awesome customer service! (They also came through for me before Christmas when I bought a Abbey for my daughter at Walmart and found she had two left hands. They sent me a replacement doll right away.) I can't believe they are so nice to send that voucher! I am one happy customer!

I just hope they do provide the torsos as I requested. I really want that sea monster and the three eyed girl especially. I am hoping if more people contact them about it they will consider it even more important, so this is why I suggest emailing them using this form on their website:

All the best!

~Sarah~ aka: MisticUnicorn and The Mushroom Peddler

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I actually sent a email to Mattel a while ago with a thought I had. It was concerning the unique design of Nefera (with being taller than any female MH dolls). And Howleen (with being smaller than the rest of the MH girls). Well my question was if in the future they would be making a smaller Monster High Boy Doll just like Howleen. Maybe a cam or a normal doll. I was very polite and I was just wondering has anyone asked this too?
Funny thing is I asked about a week and a Half ago and I haven't gotten a response at all?
I was just wondering has this gone through anyone's thoughts "A Small Monster High Boy" I can only imagine! 

Bah, you got luckier than I did! My first time went wonderfully, second time not so much. I had a 25$ voucher for a Clawdeen doll that came to me broken (it was under her jacket; I couldn't see it and because it was a gift, I had no reciept), and then the voucher was deemed unsuable. Not that I didn't buy the 25$ worth of dolls anyway, but. Doesn't help that when I asked about it, they told me that S1600 Clawdeen was 'sold exclusively in some stores'. No. . .


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