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I wrote and rewrote their bios over and over, and there are the versions as of 30/06/13.

If you have any questions about them (or want to pry into their personal lives, etc) feel free to ask!
Alexis Underworld
Age: It's complicated.
Monster Parent: Hades and Persephone.
Killer Style: I dunno, really. If I can run, climb trees, look cool, and don't accidentally show my underwear (aka, no skirts or dresses, please), it passes the test, I guess.
Freaky Flaw: Flaws! I have flaws, everyone has flaws, the whole world has flaws! So instead of hearing about my boring flaws, we can complain about the world's flaws and try and solve it. Like how bees are declining and stuff. Now THAT is horrible.
Favourite Colour: Chloroplast green? (although Chroma says it's technically absorbing blue and red blah blah blah.)
Favourite Food: Lemon cake! 'Nuff said.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Complete silence? Cereal? People who can't stand my awesomeness? Wasps? Can't really put a "biggest" to my pet peeves, I suppose. Depends on the day.
Favourite Activity: Being awesome or talking. Or skateboarding. Or just being awesome. It's like a branch that covers another branch.
Pet: C, the best three-headed, singing, biting, dancing, lemon cake-eating llama in the world.
Favourite School Subject: Horticulture/Botany. I study plants now. Plants are cool.
Least Favourite School Subject: Any class where we have a substitute that goes "NO TALKING OR ELSE GRR", because, dude, that's annoying.
Friends: Danny Johnson, Electra Proton, Jason Scorch, Jade Dragonne... sometimes Jessie Leeds on a good day (note the sometimes...). I'm still on amicable terms with the Huntresses (or Nyla will kill me). Willow Grey is also my fellow fangirl in several fandoms. I also introduced her to my friend Clemens Ixe. I hope they get together. Chroma made me ship it. OTP.
Felix Faust
Age: I can't remember my eighteeenth year, so I'm guessing around 17.
Monster Parent: G. Faustus.
Killer Style: Jackets and jeans, nothing too flashy. I basically just grab what's ever in my wardrobe.
Freaky Flaw: If a deal sounds good, I take it, not even caring about the consequences. It kinda sucks, not having that rational thinking. Spending a billion dollars or even your soul to know everything in the world, seriously, who wouldn't avoid that?
Favourite Colour: Red's pretty neat.
Favourite Food: Food is unnecessary unless it is hamburgers.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People, stop playing bad music so loud. Deals, stop being so tempting. Society, I'm a reanimation, not a zombie
Favourite Activity: I dabble into alchemy quite a bit, but other than that, I love flipping through magic books and listening to death metal.
Pet: A very versatile alot called Hyperbole who is a complete Grammar Nazi. It always corrects my mistakes. I still don't know whether it's male or female.
Favourite School Subject: Astronomy is pretty cool.
Least Favourite School Subject: I'm not too fond of science.
Friends: Jeffery Brundle, and I'm dating Electra Proton.
Lola Pop
Age: 14
Monster Parent: The Lollipop Man.
Killer Style: I like candy colours. You expected that right? I know you did. I like bright colours. That's how I dress. Bright colours. I dunno what else. I probably look like a piece of candy. Just don't eat me.
Freaky Flaw: I say things without thinking about it sometimes! I also have a hook on my left hand and stuff!
Favourite Colour: Anything bright! Grey and blacks and whites are DDDD:
Favourite Food: Candy! Lollipops! Especially Daddy's shrunken head lollipops!
Biggest Pet Peeve: I don't really think that people annoy me! It's more the opposite way around, but I hate annoying other people! It gets on my nerves, and makes me feel really, really bad.
Favourite Activity: Making people smile.
Pet: Nom, my sugar mouse. It eats all my candy. Nuuuu....
Favourite School Subject: Home Ick. Lots of cooking – and I like cooking!
Last Favourite School Subject: Woodwork/Hard Tech! Machinery scares me.
BFFs: Porcelina Doile has nice tea parties and I spend time with Felica Fright and Arianna Furey a lot, too!
Garran Slytherclaw
Age: I died 3 weeks after my 16th birthday
Monster Parent: The Bloody Baron of Slytherin and the Grey Lady of Ravenclaw
Killer Style: With a bit of practise, a ghost can "project" what kind of clothes they wear. So I don't have to go all Hogwarts robe-y now. Now I wear modern stuff.
Freaky Flaw: Sometime magic works against me. I say 'lumos' and it responds with 'Levicorpus'. I guess it happens when one's a ghost, and one doesn't 'move on'.
Favourite Colour: Green and blue.
Favourite Food: I still haven't learnt how to eat as a ghost. I'll get back to you when I have.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Idiots.
Favourite Activity: I'll read anything that's not science fiction.
Pet: I purchased a snake/eagle hybrid from Knockturn Alley when I was twelve. His name is Elder.
Favourite School Subject: Mad Science. Brings back old memories in the Potion rooms.
Least Favourite School Subject: Study hall. Not a subject, but it's booooooring.
BFFs: Nobert Dragonne's not bad, so I pretty much just hang out with him.
Lyron Melodia
Age: I think thirteen is a good age to be
Monster Parent: My mom's Thelpxieia, and I've been told dad's Apollo.
Killer Style: Anything that is comfortable, and hopefully has musical or sea references in it. I also have to be able to put it on easily, due to my legs.
Freaky Flaw: People cover their ears when I speak because they think my voice is horrible. I'm also in a wheelchair. Not cool people.
Favourite Colour: Sea blue.
Favourite Food: Food.
Biggest Pet Peeve: I hate how I can't speak and how I can't walk. Also, I barely know my dad.
Favourite Activity: I like singing, but I always find medical books interesting. DON'T CALL ME A NERD.
Pet: I'm so awesome I don't need a pet.
Favourite School Subject: Music and Biology
Least Favourite School Subject: PD. Looks fun and stuff, but I usually can't participate.
Friends: Chroma Prism, Leeny, my sister Syri.
Chroma Prism
Age: Around young-teen-ish?
Monster Parent: Iris and Zephyrs.
Killer Style: It's either adorable or business like. And I always have a spectrum of colour in my clothes somewhere.
Freaky Flaw: I'm a die-hard fangirl that will apparently "ship everything regards of anything". I'm also a bit too enthusiastic with my ideas and I am extremely outspoken.
Favourite Colour: White, the colour of a rainbow
Favourite Food: Skittles.
Biggest Pet Peeve: When people ask me to deliver messages and don't even pay me.
Favourite Activity: Instant messaging. I don't see why I have to spend a golden drachma on using my mum's service. I also enjoy reading and writing fanfiction.
Pet: I have a bird named Opycete. Sometimes I forget to feed her.
Favourite School Subject: Business Studies, and sometimes physics.
Least Favourite School Subject: Physical Deaducation! My dad may be a wind spirit, but I sure can't run as fast as him!
Friends: Leeny Shire, Lyron Melodia and Gabby Serpent. I'm also Alexis Underworld's intern! Nyllian Lykafos Ixe is also pretty cool. There's also Prizm Chrome (haha, our names match!). She's a university student, and I visit her house sometimes.
Idris Fayette Shea
Age: 170 years.
Monster Parent: Queen Mab, the faerie's midwife (and Robin Goodfellow, but dad never visits)
Killer Style: I prefer skirts and dresses. May I end it there?
Freaky Flaw: I would like to say I have none, but it makes for unrealistic fiction. I guess I'm cold to people at first, and I'm a tad arrogant.
Favourite Colour: Any hue of blue.
Favourite Food: Hazelnuts
Biggest Pet Peeve: My mother loves Mercutio's monologue from Romeo and Juliet. I, on the other hand? I would appreciate it if people wouldn't recite it to me in the hallways. It gets really frustrating.
Favourite Activity: I fence, I write, I dream, I love, and I brood over life's biggest questions.
Pet: My mother gave me a cat and named him Chairman Lokitty Tybalt Meow, and Prince of Cats for short. I don't find this amusing at all.
Favourite School Subject: ... none?
Least Favourite School Subject: PD. My only sport is fencing.
Friends: Seraphina Gwen-something-or-another, and my darling dear Vienna Tulamoon. Agatha, too. She's my favourite cousin.
Nobert Dragonne (WIP)
Monster Parent: Dragons.
Killer Style: First thing I grab out of my closet. I'm not picky.
Freaky Flaw: Flaws? Duh, of course I have them. I can't be bothered thinking of one. I'll get back to you later. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.
Favourite Colour: Most of my family like red, but I'm fond of metallics. They're shiny, and I like shiny things.
Favourite Food: Bacon and cheese sandwiches.
Biggest Pet Peeve: My hoard of stuff is my precious. Don't even think about touching it. Or getting close. Or even borrowing the disc of my least favourite video game.
Favourite Activity: Minecraft! Gosh, Minecraft is amazing. Creative Mode is my favourite.
Pet: Pets are weird creatures. Sometimes I look after Spring for Jade, though. Drake also has two cats named Faramir and Boromir. I bet he has never read the books. I haven't read them either.
Favourite School Subject: Do I need one?
Least Favourite School Subject: See above.
Friends: I hang out with Garran because he's OK. His sister is even more than OK. She's less of an idiot than Garran.
Clemens Ixe (Also WIP)
Age: I have chosen the age of 16 and I approve of it.
Monster Parent: Nyx, goddess of the night.
Killer Style: 21th Century Stuff. I get my t-shirts off the internet.
Freaky Flaw:
Favourite Colour: Uh, I like all the colours!
Favourite Food:
Biggest Pet Peeve: Air pollution makes me sad.
Favourite Activity: I spent hours on reddit and Tumblr and Memebase and other internet sites. It's quite addicting.
Pet: Natalie – she's my lemming. She has no sense of direction, but she knows what she wants and how to get it.
Favourite School Subject:
Least Favourite School Subject:
Friends: Willow Grey. Al introduced me to her and we're now dating.

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XD YAY Priz is an honorable mention hehehe
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Loving the new characters! Excited to see them :)

Yay! Thank you Breanna! Which of the new ones are your favourite?

Favourite? I'm the most indecisive person on the planet! They're both really good :)

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Yay! Thank you Breanna! Which of the new ones are your favourite?


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