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"While Raven Queen doesn’t embrace her storybook destiny, she is still her mother’s daughter when it comes to her wicked cool style. Raven rocks an iconic high collar and lux purple and black hues."

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She's got that whole Elizabeth Taylor violet eyes thing going on!

Argh! She's cute :3 Goodbye money.
And the sillouhette of the bird on the back of the bed!

She reminds me of amy lee too but amy is gorgeous and so is raven.

Spectra said:

Oh! She's beautiful!

She reminds of Amy Lee, the lead singer from rock band "Evanescence", lol! ;-)

There is a thread already starting of a German site that has listed the dolls for pre order for Wave 1. I think they are going to be released in October it said. Seems so far away!
Spectra said:

Anyone knows the release date?

Think its because their heads are so rounded and much less angular than MH heads.

VaughanH7 said:

As much as I love her I can't get over the it big? Or am I seeing things? I mean big is okay but....that looks it just me?

O.o orrible , she's creepy . she's like chucky ...


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